Sunday, December 23, 2012


I've been on a HUGE Gilmore Girls kick and watch it while I crochet my orders at night. I blame it on my twitter friends, they talk about it all the time and I had to find out for myself the show is actually good. Bought Season 1 a few weeks ago and now I am hooked! The great thing is my husband used to watch the show with his mom and sister so he can follow along with me. 

...listening to...
I thrifted 8 vintage Frank Sinatra records last week and have been listening to them non stop. Judah now tries to hum/sing along. For some reason this year I haven't gotten into any real Christmas music.
It was kinda hard since Judah's birthday was just a few weeks ago and Christmas feels like it snuck right up on me. 

Today I realized how much I really miss my sister Rhonda. My husband asked me why do I always wait till after Christmas to send out my families Christmas gifts. They have been sitting wrapped in my bedroom for a month. Then it dawned on me, in my heart of hearts I've always wished they would surprise me with a Christmas visit, so I don't mail out their gifts till after Christmas. Then I sobbed because I didn't want to admit how much I miss Rhonda, so we are planning on convincing them to come to Myrtle Beach with us this year in May. 

...thinking about...
I've been thinking about lots of things. Christmas, how I have to finish some hat orders for family members before Tuesday. I've been thinking about our yearly Myrtle Beach trip and how I get to finally meet Melissa from Dear Baby and Jenny from Frecklewonder. I've also been thinking about my step moms wedding in April and I've been thinking about how I would really love to take a late winter mini weekend vacation to Virginia Beach. 

Lots of toddler books to Judah! We go to the library weekly and check out at least 10 books for him and we read to him nightly. I also started reading this book my therapist recommended called The Whole Brain Child. The book is helping me figure out ways to have a calmer, happier child. Judah is a pretty happy boy, but when he has some of his tantrums (the full on screaming where it feels like your ear drums are going to bleed) I feel like I am in a survival mode and I want to be able to have skills to be able to calm him and teach him something during his breakdowns. 

...making me happy...
You know this past week has been especially hard. I've blogged in the past how Christmas is not really a good time for me. I always wonder if my dad or mom going to finally call me or do I really want them to call me. Then I start to think about how I miss my sisters and step mom and how I wish they lived closer or would come visit. I thought by encouraging other people this year it would protect my heart from being discouraged. But this week its been hard. The people I've come across while out shopping with Judah have been really mean, and I know its everyone being stressed out with the holidays. But this week I had a blogger mom Brooke randomly send Judah a present, I also had another IG mama send Judah the prettiest hand embroidered ornament and the day that Judah broke my ipod my husband surprised me with one that he was planning on giving me for Christmas. I've been able to have some really nice heart to heart conversations on the phone with some friends. My son is being super adorable and is requesting hugs and is dancing all over the place and singing songs to me. My husband is on vacation till January. Also I've been able to be really consistent with my running for the past few weeks and I now officially fit into my pre-pregnancy workout cloths and have gotten my mile down to 11:12 mins.

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  1. Ahh!! Gilmore Girls - blast to the past. I love that show.
    Music: Before Christmas, I was obsessed with the Nutcracker music!
    Sister: I live a province away from mine, and it is so hard!
    Lovely post :)


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