Tuesday, November 20, 2012

weekly toddler library book review

I like to take Judah out on a weekly library date. We we go to the library and spend about an hour or so looking for good books that I think Judah would really enjoy. He has moved past the board book stage and really enjoys cuddling up and reading with us each night. Since the library has so many books to choose from I wanted to share some of Judah's weekly favorites from the pile we bring back home. He normally favors a handful and will request us to read to him those specific books over and over again.

This past week we picked up 12 books but Judah wanted us to reread these three to him. 

A cute book about a girl who is trying to catch a very loud elephant. Judah loves how the elephant gets all feisty when he doesn't get anymore raisins and stomps all about. 

This is a fun little book of poems that has tiny pictures scattered in the poetry. So while I am reading the book to Judah I point at the picture and he says it out loud. He thinks its fun to "read" with mama.

This is a clever new take on the classic lullaby "hush, little baby". This book was fun for Judah and it gave me a chuckle or two.  

He wanted one more last read before we headed out this morning. 

We picked up 10 more books today. I'll let you know which ones are Judah's favorites next week. 

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  1. aw this is the sweetest idea! Oh to be young and in awe of books. I admit I still get really excited going to the library. Hope he loves all the books you picked out!


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