Friday, November 2, 2012

Starwars Family

Our Halloween

I dressed up as Princess Leia 

Judah was my baby Ewok.

Scott dressed up as Han Solo. So together we went as a Starwars family. 

We went over to my sister in laws house to take all the kids out together trick or treating.

The girls were dressed up as Elmo and a cute little duck, the dogs even had cute pumpkin costumes on. 

Group shot before we took the kids out. 

I've never seen anything cuter than a bunch of dressed up toddlers going door to door singing "trick or treat" and then all saying "thank you". 

We had a great Halloween, now to brainstorm on what our "family theme" will be next year. I kinda wish every year will be a Starwars family theme. 

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  1. You guys are so cute!!! Love your hair :)))


  2. SO cute!! I cant wait to have kids and have Star Wars themed costumes :)

  3. This is awesome!!! You look fantastic as Leia!!!! And of course that baby ewok of yours! I am slightly obsessed with ewoks in general! ;)

  4. okay, you are the cutest little star wars family i have ever seen!

    i'm so excited i found your blog! i'm your newest follower and voted for you on top baby blogs as well. you are #9! woohoo for that!

    happy saturday to you!


  5. Awesome costumes! I love when families do theme costumes!

  6. Oh my word you made such an awesome Leia!!

  7. LOVE IT. We are Star Wars geeks, too. Ironically, I just told my hubby this morning that we should dress our son up as an Ewok next year because no one ever dresses their kids like an Ewok.

    WRONG. Lol.


  8. AWE!!! LOVE IT!!! You guys are sooo cute! Ian's room is star Wars! He loves it!


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