Wednesday, November 7, 2012

mom of a boy

Each day I feel like I am learning what it means to be a mom of a boy. Like letting Judah play with dirt and sticks yet being sensitive to his little heart when he is sad that his favorite tree fell after last weeks storm. He kept saying "I sad, bye bye tree" every time we walked out of the house, I taught him to say "night night tree" and told him the tree is taking a nap. 

Being able to give him some space and allow him to try to skate his tech deck skateboards at the skatepark. 

Watching him watch an older kid skateboard and knowing that one day it will be me watching Judah. Also praying that Judah wears a helmet unlike this kid. 

His smile brightens my day and I can't get enough of his laughter. I'm still trying to find that perfect balance of "making him wear his gloves because I think its to cold" and "allowing him to take them off for a few minutes so he can grab his trucks or mini skateboards". I dont want to be like that mom from the Christmas Story.

Learning that although Judah can be a pretty tough boy who likes to run run run and jump jump jump he also needs some cuddles and his beloved pillows. Especially after a nap.

I love my sweet boys little heart and I love learning how to be his mom. 

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  1. You have such a big heart for your little guy! I hope when I become a mom I have that big of a tender heart for my kiddos!

    I had to laugh though, when you mentioned the Christmas Story! That mom always made me laugh.

  2. Was without internet for awhile, catching up on your blog. As a mama of 2 boys, I hear you! My boys are rough and tumble but they are such cuddle bugs, I love it.

  3. boys are so much fun! i have all brothers and was quite a tomboy growing up so i'm navigating uncharted territory with a little lady :0)

  4. He is such a sweet boy!! I love being the mom to a boy and can't wait for his little brother to get here. I know it will be totally crazy, but I'm excited for it.

  5. It's neat reading about your interactions with your son. I'm a new stay at home mom to a 3 month old boy. I can't wait for him to be able to walk and talk and play, but I also can't believe that he's not tiny anymore! Trying to live in and love every minute as it comes, and it seems like you do that so well :) blessings to you and your family!

  6. He's so cute, yeesh! This is something I'm learning too, even though Nicholas is only 11 months old. That's so sweet that he is sad about that tree :)

  7. this is the sweetest thing! i love the tree story, what a sweet little boy. you're raising a good one, mama!

  8. The tree story made me tear up a little. I too LOVE my little boy and feel so blessed that he is in my life. <3


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