Monday, November 12, 2012

mama workout

Its hard to find that time to work out and recently I've gotten a bit creative with my workouts, I like to call them my mama workout. 

First I take Judah to a park that has baseball fields and trails. Today I ran 2 miles with him along the trails. 

Then I took him to the baseball field and while Judah sat in the Bob I ran up and down the bleachers 12x. He thought it was funny. 

Afterwards I took Judah out on the baseball field and brought out one of his balls that I had under the Bob. 

I chased after him, we kicked the ball, he threw it and laughed. 

I still had my Nike tracker on and we ended up running around that field for a half a mile. 

Afterwards since Judah was so good during our workout I took him to a playground down the street that has toys as a special treat for being so good. 

Then we headed home for some lunch and a bath before nap time. 

That's how a mama finds time to workout. 

I found a great resource online that has tools to help you with your winter running. 

My Shabby Apple Giveaway closes tonight!!!! 

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  1. Good for you mama! xx - Monica

  2. Way to go! That looks like a beautiful running trail in the first picture!

  3. aw that bath photo is too cute! Hope your husband is doing better now xxx

  4. I am inspired! Nothing makes a workout more bearable than doing it with your little man! B and I do yoga together. It really is the best way to get them to appreciate exercising.


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