Wednesday, November 21, 2012

light saber invites

We have been training Judah the Jedi to love Star Wars since he was a baby. When ever Scott takes us out to San Francisco we have top stop by the Yoda fountain.

We found a Darth Vader mask when Judah was a baby hence his love for "D".

He will now dance and sing the Imperial March to you if you ask him to. 

He dressed up like Chewbacca last Halloween and an Ewok this year. 

This year will be the first (of possibly many) Star wars themed birthday parties for Judah and honestly I love that he is really into Star wars. 

I wanted to try to do as much DIY at home for the party and decided to make Light Saber invites.

+What you need+
colorful construction paper
aluminum foil
elmer's glue
business envelopes
notebook paper
(this project took me 1.5 hours to complete)

I took the colorful construction paper and cut out a light saber, then I wrapped the aluminum foil around the bottom part of the light saber and glued it in place. With the notebook paper I cut out rectangles to write the party information on it then I glued the rectangles to the back of the light saber. I cut out three small black rectangles and two black and red circles and glued them to the front of the light saber. 

The invite says:

Judah the Jedi
is turning two
Saturday, December 8 11:30-2:30
will provide lunch & cupcakes
please rsvp jessica.a.west (at)

The light saber is 8" long so it will be able to fit into the business envelopes. 

 Once the light sabers dry I'll stick them in the mail.
Im sure if you had time you could also make these with felt.

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