Thursday, November 1, 2012

just run...weight loss check in

This morning I put on my running shoes and ran three miles with Judah and you know it felt good. It felt good to get out of the house, to smell the fresh air and to be able to push my body to go further. 

When I came back from my run I decided to weigh myself. Since last spring I've been trying to put a dent in the 180 pounds I was carrying around. Today when I stepped on the scale I was excited to see that I now weigh

164 pounds!!!!

This is what I weighed when I walked down the aisle to marry my husband. 

Now that I've finally reached my goal of 164 pounds I want to get back into my pre-engagement jeans. You know the ones that my husband thought were hot on me. To do that I need to keep up with my running routine. Since I've had Judah running seems to be the only thing that not only helps me loose weight fast, but also helps lift my mood when I get those winter blues. But its not always easy to stay self motivated with running with just my Nike app and being a stay at home mom I can't keep the same running schedule as some of my old work friends. So I checked out Just Run University. Its an online coach that will help motivate you to run. You don't necessarily have to live in my area to join this program, you can join anywhere in the world and they will help you meet you goals and encourage you to run. This is so important, especially since we are hitting the holiday months where we don't feel as encouraged to keep running.  But can you imagine if you did keep up with your running routine. If you were able to join this program and get the coaches to encourage you to run through out the Holiday's. So when everyone joins the gym in January to knock off a few pounds you will be ahead of the game. 

Sign up today for the winter session that starts tomorrow. In the long run...running just feels good and makes you look great.

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  1. Congrats...I'm still being stubborn about getting serious about weight loss. I lost 65 pounds before getting pregnant with my last which had me at 165 - I need to get back to it!!

  2. Awesome!! ... I actually enjoy running but unfortunately my body doesn't. I'm definitely not built for it. You can bring on the Zumba any day though! ;)

  3. new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog! so happy I stumbled across it! can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  4. Congratulations love, so happy for you! <3

  5. cheering you on lady. <3 so happy for you.

  6. First and most important! CONGRATS on achieving a goal and not giving up! I did a little happy dance of my own for you!
    Secondly thank you for sharing the running tip. I have started running just to have time for myself away from the stress, but it is at the same time hard to stay motivated. I will definitely be checking out the program tonight. :) Keep up the hard work!

  7. Hi! I fancy your blog. I have been following you for awhile now but I have finally recently decided to create a blog for my family. Anywho, I awarded you with a blogger award on blog! You can click 'here' to see it. I hope you like it! Have a good one!

  8. Yaaaaay! I'm so proud of you friend!

  9. I was never a runner. I'm not "built for it," either. I even wrote an article entitled "The word marathon isn't in my dictionary." But...that was 6 marathons and an Ironman ago! :) It takes dedication and training to reach those goals but it is possible as long as you are an able-bodied person! Congrats on your success, girl. Keep up the fabulous work!


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