Thursday, November 15, 2012

is it friday yet

Its been one of those days. One second Judah is happy the next he is having a meltdown. Like this morning when I woudn't let him hold the keys to lock the door. He cried for a few seconds before I distracted him with his mini skateboard. 

Then he was happy even saying cheese to the camera while I took our picture. 

I figured he had to get some energy out so I had him do some jumps in the air. 

Then I took him on our weekly Library date. The first Library changed their hours so we had to drive to another one. I am grateful we did because they have a better selection of books. 

I had a free Starbucks drink coupon so I took Judah on the 3.5 mile run to claim the drink. Since Judah was blowing kisses at the cashier she gave him his milk for free he also scored a free balloon from some college students outside. 

We ran home, stopped by the park and woudln't you know Judah thought it was time for another meltdown. 

Which quickly turned into smiles and laughter as he was trying to get me to chase him. 

He woke up from his nap and wouldn't stop crying until I calmed him down. I help him on my lap and read book after book after book. He kept pressing his cheeks against his pillow, I checked his mouth and his molars are really coming in. Poor little guy, I hope tomorrow is better for him. 

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  1. ronin has been acting out like this, too. i think ronin is getting his two year old molars in a bit early. his been grinding the back of his mouth and pressing it on things. /: poor little dudes. hope he has a better day today and hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. xo.

  2. Love your blog!
    New follower!
    Follow me back??

  3. I hope he had a better day! Those teeth can really make them miserable!

  4. Kids get a lot of tensed and plenty of their mood swings during their teething stage. They have to go through so much pain, but teething toys can be a source of relaxation during these days. Poor Judah, I hope he gets through this comfortably.


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