Tuesday, November 27, 2012

dirty moms hair

Now that I am a mom, I can't take a shower everyday. But I still want to look nice when I go out and be able to hide my greasy long locks. My favorite go to hairdo is the crown braids. It makes my hair look really nice and keeps it away from my face and Judah's tiny hands.

+you will need+
15-20 bobby pins (get the longer ones with the ridges on them) 
2 clear elastic bands
tail comb

You will take the tail comb and separate your hair right down the middle. I use the pick to keep my part even. I normally don't brush out my hair but will braid both parts separately and fasten each braid with a clear elastic band.

Then I will take one of the braids and wrap it around the front of my head, making sure the tail is touching my ear on the other side. I have very long hair (reaches past the middle of my back) so your braid may not reach other side. Start pinning the braid down, you can never use to many bobby pins and dont be discouraged if you use more than what I listed. Then I will take the other braid and wrap it around my head in front of the first braid forming a crown. I will also pin it down and make sure I try to keep the clear ties hidden and pushed underneath the braid. 

Again you can never use to many bobby pins. 

No one could ever tell that I haven't washed my hair in over two days. This is super easy and takes me 10-15 minutes to complete. The more you do this style the easier it gets. 

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  1. HOLD UP. you mean you don't shower every day?! holy smokes. if i don't get a shower every day i will lose.my.mind.

    hahaha okay but seriously.

    the things they don't tell you before you're pregnant. ;]

    this is super adorable! whenever i do this, though, i get these weird bumps where the braid is like going against it's natural way. does that make any sense? like, the braid wants to go behind my head but if i force it to go on top of my head there is a giant bump where it's basically doubling back over itself. one time i did this but with 4 braids and it worked better for me. i better never have to use this as a dirty mom hairstyle. even though it's adorable and you are the cutest ever.

  2. Oh before I became a mom I took at least one shower a day, if I worked out then I would take two! Now I am lucky if I get a shower ever other day. Tonight I managed to sneak away after dinner to take one and I told my husband I dont think I took a shower in over three days! So gross, but your so occupied as a mom you dont even remember.

    I bet if you dont wash your hair for at least two days you wont get the bumps when you do the braids. My braids wont turn out as good if my hair is super clean :-)

  3. I tried it today! It was super easy! Now i Just need to perfect it :)


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