Friday, November 30, 2012

advent - 24 days of encouraging others

I've posted about this a dozen times in the past on different blogs I've had online. Christmas is not an easy holiday for me. We grew up very poor and depending on the help of others. Each year instead of being joyful that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, my heart aches for those who are alone and discouraged and feel they are with out hope. This year I wanted to start a tradition with Judah. I wanted to celebrate advent but combine it with encouraging others the days leading up to Christmas. So I came up with 24 ways I can try to teach Judah how to lift the spirits of those around him. I made 24 little tag ornaments with a note saying what we are going to do and put the ornaments on Judah's mini Christmas tree so we can take them down and read them together each morning. 

Here is what I have listed for each day. I can't wait to see how my son's heart grows this month and to see the joy in the peoples faces we are going to try to encourage. 

> day 1 <
send encouraging letters to our troops

> day 2 <
sidewalk chalk tag encouragement

> day 3 <
make dairy free cookies for the post office

> day 4 <
pick up trash at the park

> day 5 <
write a letter to our worldvision child Thursday

> day 6 <
leave notes for daddy around the house

> day 7 <
buy starbucks for the person in line behind us

> day 8 <
give cousins hugs

> day 9 <
call nana

> day 10 <
buy donut for person in line behind us

> day 11 <
write christmas cards for elderly home

> day 12 <
clean toys and donate them 

> day 13 <
give cousins flowers for Kody's show

> day 14 <
do something nice for garbage men

> day 15 <
muffins for fire department

> day 16 <
angel tree

> day 17 <
sweep leaves off front porch and elderly lady next door

> day 18 <
buy doggy treats to neighbors dog

> day 19 <
leave a bag of extra change at vending machine

> day 20 <
muffins for library staff

> day 21 <
collect shopping carts at Target and put them back

> day 22 <
encouragement post it bomb at grocery store

> day 23 <
hats for NICU babies

> day 24 <
get starbucks for grandma 

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  1. You are so amazing. I want to do this with my family. I love that you turned something that is so much about gifts into something that is for others. Just, wow! I hope you give millions of smiles this holiday season!

    1. thank you !!! We saw some smiles today well yesterday as well. Its really neat to be able to meet people at where they are and be able to encourage them :-) Im super excited about this

  2. Love love love this idea!! So many nice and thoughtful things to do and teach Judah!! Inspiring for sure!

    1. Thank you :-) Its neat seeing Judah really "get it" like today while I was explaining to him why we were leaving notes on the sidewalk and I would point out a person smiling as they walked by and read what was written :-) then he would say "write chalk write chalk" :-)

  3. I absolutely love this idea! Simple and easy to do leading up to Christmas!!! :)


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