Friday, October 5, 2012

waiting to see President Obama

We did it. I took Judah to Presidents Obama's rally across the street at George Mason. I took him to a Mitt Romney one a few weeks ago. At first I didn't think we were going to make it, Judah did not want to get up this morning. Once he did wake up I threw cloths on both of us, grabbed breakfast to go and literally ran with Judah in the Bob the two miles to George Mason. Once we got there the lines were about a mile and a half long. I bought some buttons for some blogger friends who are Obama supporters and stod in line.. 

We waited...two and a half hours! Since we made the effort to go and get a ticket from yesterday I assumed that we would get in. I didn't bring any toys for Judah since I knew the security check point was extra strict but I was able to keep him entertained by giving him a nice sized rock and some leaves. The Obama supporters in line next to us were also wonderful with entertaining Judah. 

After two hours we finally thought we were in the clear, helicopters were flying above us and the crowd seemed anxious to get inside. But we were told that the auditorium was completely maxed out! I felt bad for the people standing next to me, especially an elderly retired couple who drove a long way to see Obama and stood in line with me. Security directed us another part of the University where we would be able to view Obama speaking live on a screen. I thought I might as well check it out since we were standing in line for so long. 

The overflow room was great, I was able to grab snacks and water for Judah before we found a place to sit down.  After awhile Judah was bored, he was in his stroller for a little over two hours. 

After waiting for another thirty minutes I was bored. Someone mentioned Obama tends to show up late to his speaking engagements and leave early. My toddler was not happy and I was pretty much spent from trying to entertain him.  ((this picture was taken right before he threw his rock!))

Finally Obama was in the building! I was able to hear him speak for five minutes and then Judah had an epic meltdown screaming "walka walk!!! Obama Obama, walka walk!!" He wanted to walk towards Obama on the screen but that would interrupt things for the 100+ people in the overflow room. 

So I did the polite thing, packed Judah up and quickly left. 

All in all it was a great experience. Would have it been better if I didn't have Judah with me, sure, but I want him to go to these events to learn how to make an educated decision on who he wants to vote for president when he turns 18. Also since I have been taking him to these events (Romney rally and now the Obama Rally) Judah was used to waiting and being around people and did really really well sitting in his stroller for a little over two hours. 

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  1. i cant believe Judah lasted 2+hours in line and then even more in the overflow room - I would have had to flee the scene way sooner with Lu! Toddlers are so tricky at this age, still great but the independence takes over when we least need it to. Glad you still went though, way to stick to your plan and tough it out!

    1. They are super tricky. Every now and then he completely loses it when I think he would do well for a long wait. But I think he was entertained by other people and the rock I gave him :-) wish you and Luna love could have joined us :-)


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