Monday, October 15, 2012

mini starwars apple pies

I wanted to surprise Judah my little Jedi with some mini apple pies today and I thought why not make them mini Starwars apple pies. 

I grabbed six medium to small apples that we brought home from the orchard on Friday. Green for the tartness and red for sweet. Peeled and diced them. 

Then I mixed into the apples:
four tablespoons of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
6 tablespoons of flour

I then rolled out my pre-made pastry crusts I bought from Wegmans and used an Anthropology teacup to cut out circles for the crusts. Spray the inside of each muffin pan with a non stick baking spray (I used canola since its dairy free). Then I molded each cut out circle into the pan. Spooned in the apple pie mixture into each crust and top it off with a teaspoon of room temperature butter (I used dairy free butter).

I then took the Starwars cookie cutters I bought from Williams Sonoma a few years ago. When you have the pie crust in the cookie cutter gently press the pie crust into the cutter to get the shape of the Starwars character formed into the dough. Then you gently press the pie crust out of the cookie cutter and lay it on top of each pie crust.

Brush each pie crust with butter and cook at 400 for 20-22 mins until golden brown. 

Once you take the pies out of the oven let them cool for 5-10 mins then pop out and enjoy!

I'm planning on perfecting my apple pie recipe to make some of these for Judahs 2nd birthday party in December since it will be Starwars themed.  Let me know if you have a great apple pie recipe you would like to share! 

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  1. This rules!
    Oh my goodness, you are so clever.

    1. Thanks :-) Now I want to get the wookie starwars cookie cutter so I can make wookie pies :-) ha ha

  2. This is the best! My husband would totally love it.

    1. You should totally try it out! If you can't find the cookie cutters at Williams Sonoma (they actually have some in the sale section) you can pick it up on Amazon :-)

  3. so this is absolute brilliance! it makes me want pie dough really bad. such a cute idea. i found your blog thru 5ohwifey and now follow. your "about me" says you like to do i. how often do u get to?

    1. Thanks Mindy!

      I do LOVE to thrift. I try to go out once a week. I know the schedule of the local thrift stores (their sale dates) like
      Mondays and Thursdays I would go to Unique (they have 25% off)
      Wednesdays Good Will (25% off)
      Tuesdays Salvation Army

      We just went last Friday and I found some cute vintage t-shirts for my son Judah and a vintage strawberry shortcake jacket for a friend :-)
      How often do you go?

  4. Hi, found you via Dani’s blog. I LOVE this idea! I am a Star Wars fan myself [the emails sent from my iPhone have the signature Sent from the Millennium Falcon, hehe], but I am a total novice in the baking department. Chocolate making is my thing. Can’t wait to explore more of your blog!


  5. those are so awesome! i'm bookmarking this post to show my star wars obsessed friend (who's an adult) :)

  6. I need to look at dairy free pie crusts for my son. We deal with several food allergies but I think he would love this!

  7. this is genius! i love it! and i know my little men would love this too. thanks for the idea.

  8. So clever! You are a fun mom:) Looks mighty tasty too!

  9. This is awesome. So much of what you write is so inspirational. Wishing you all the best. xx - Monica


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