Saturday, October 6, 2012

dairy free mini savory quiche

The other day Frecklewonder was posting on her IG account asking for ideas for some quiche toppings. I love quiche! But haven't been able to eat it since I am now dairy free. Pinterest to the rescue I found a pin for mini dairy free quiche. I used the foundation of this recipe to create my own savory dairy free quiche. 

Bag of Simply Potatoes (shredded hash browns) or you can shred 3-4 potatoes
2 egg whites
9 eggs
Jimmy Dean turkey sausage 
1/2 pint of mushrooms
2 large shallots
pinch of salt and pepper
Soy dairy free cheddar cheese
muffin pain

Preheat the oven to 400. Mince the shallots. In a large bowl mix together the bag of Simply Potatoes with two egg whites and half the shallots. Firmly press the mixture into an oiled muffin tin (I use a dairy free spray to oil the tin) you want to make sure to leave room for the quiche mixture. Bake for 11 minutes until the edges are nice and crispy.

While this is baking heat up a skillet over medium heat and cook the turkey sausage. Add the mushrooms and the remainder of the shallots and cook until the shallots are a bit tender. Beat 9 eggs in a mixing bowl and add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste. 

Put a tablespoon of the sausage/mushroom/shallot mixture onto of each potato crusts. Then carefully pour the eggs on top of each mixture and sprinkle some dairy free cheddar cheese on top of each quiche. Cook for 16 mins. Once finished let the quiche cool off for five minutes before serving. 

This is by far my new favorite recipe. Its easy and yet intricate enough to make you feel like your
 a real chef. Also its pretty tasty, my mother in law who is a phenomenal cook asked me for the recipe after she tried some earlier today. If its good enough to impress your mother in law its good enough to eat!

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  1. Replies
    1. Oh my goodness we are addicted to this recipe! You have to try it :-)

  2. That looks great! Definitely trying this one! Thanks Jess :)

  3. You don't have much sausage do you use?


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