Tuesday, October 2, 2012

busy busy busy

I feel like Fall just screams "create!". Although technically the leaves are dying and everything around us is preparing for hibernation, but I always get my creative juices flowing this time of the year. This weekend we picked up a bunch of tree stumps. I have a special project in mind for these beauties that I want to try out next week. 

Then I started to spray paint the patio furniture. I finished one chair and hopefully it will stop raining for a few hours this week for me to finish the set. 

I've also been busy crocheting lots of new ear-warmers for the shop. Its starting to get cold enough to wear them! 

On Monday Judah helped me collect twigs for a wreath that we are going to make for the front door and during his naps I'v been crocheting "fall leaves" to make a banner inside the house. 

I've also pinned a bunch of yummy fall food on Pinterest  that I want to bake and I have all the DIY materials to make Judahs Ewok custom for Halloween. I think its going to be epic or really tacky either way it will be great for some funny Halloween pictures. 

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  1. Those ear warmers are so cute! Love the gray and yellow :)

    1. Thank you! I really love the color combination :-)

  2. He is looking so cute while standing onto the stem . Judah is quite appreciated name

  3. That chair is looking lovely Jess! Were you able to finish the rest of the set?
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. First time visiting your blog from Bleubird!

    1. Thank you! Actually I finished one more chair today and half the table before I ran out of spray paint :-) Im planning on getting more tomorrow and finishing up the whole set. I'll post a picture when I am finished :-)


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