Friday, October 26, 2012

Advertise with My Little Mustache

I have been so very blessed by the blogs that I have advertised with in the past two years.  I wanted to give you a very affordable opportunity to let me help promote your blog or your shop! Encouraging others and promoting what they love is my sweet spot. I love to do it and find joy in helping others. 

That being said My Little Mustache is now offering advertisement spots. 

My Little Mustache is a lifestyle blog. I have a unique lifestyle that revolves around my son Judah (my little mustache), my shop, my faith and my thrift finds. I post on average 5 posts a week. I love to be able to help you get traffic to your blog, shop or small business.

Currently I pay for sponsorship on blogs to get ongoing traffic to My Little Mustache. I also host giveaways to bring in traffic to my blog as well as my shop.

As of October 26, 2012  My Little Mustache has

548 followers on GFC, bloglovin and hellocotton
500+ twitter followers
1050+ IG followers
450+  likes on facebook
337 Pinterest followers
11, 129 blog views last month

Please let me know how I can encourage you and promote your blog and or shop.

You can find out rates and information on ad spots here.

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