Wednesday, October 31, 2012

last minute toddler Halloween costume

Your toddler finally went down for his afternoon nap the day of Halloween at 2pm. Your scrambling around the house to find a costume and can't seem to find anything. Well I have a solution for you, a no sew dinosaur hoodie. I was able to make this in 30 minutes. 

All you need is a hoodie (I grabbed one of Judah's), felt for the spikes, scissors and a hot glue gun. 

I cut the felt into squares, then I hot glued the triangle side and folded it over to create a spike. The hot glue also stiffens the felt so its easier to glue onto the hoodie. 

Then I just hot glued the spikes onto the hoodie and pressed my hand up against the spike from inside the hoodie for a few seconds to stick it together really well. 

A dinosaur hoodie all ready for Judah when he wakes up from his nap.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

birthdays....forever changed

I'll be honest, if you read back on my journals you will see that I am depressed the week of my birthday. I actually used to call this week my suicide prevention week. Each day leading up to my birthday I would get more and more depressed and afterwards I would make some really bad decisions in my life. I absolutely hate my birthday because I hated the day I was born. Growing up my parents always forgot my birthday so as a child I felt that I wasn't significant enough to be celebrated, that my life wasn't important and that I shouldn't have been born. As a young adult when people would bring up my birthday I would feel a sharp pain in my heart and would have to bite the inside of my cheeks so I wouldn't cry in front of them. I hated my birthday and I hated to be reminded that I was forgotten and alone. 

My husband doesn't understand this. He grew up in a very different home than I did and his mother makes sure everyone is celebrated on the day that they were born. I love this about her and I want to make sure that Judah is celebrated each year if not day of his life. So yesterday for the first time I allowed my in laws to celebrate me. Honestly I felt sick to my stomach before hand. I didn't know what to expect but I trust that the Lord intends for good in my life and I trust my new family. 

The Lord gave me the greatest gift yesterday, the gift of being able to enjoy my family and to accept the love they have for me. He gave me the gift of friendship, quality time, laughter and joy. 

At the end of the day, I wasn't sad or depressed like I have been in the past. I felt this sweet peace of belonging and being loved and accepted by my family who wanted to celebrate me.

over come
You speak my name
no longer numb
not the same
a swelling glimmer
reflected light
redeemed sinner
clothed in white 
written by Jessica West Judkins

 I am grateful that I will no longer look upon my birthday week full of dread, wondering if my dad or mom will give me a call (they didn't call me yesterday). I no longer have to live my life numb to this world, fearful that someone may hurt my heart.  Instead the Lord wants my heart to be open to the wonderful blessings he has in store for me and one of the blessings is an amazing family who wants to be part of my life. 

I am forever changed. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

birthday discount for my shop!

Today is my birthday and since I LOVE celebrating people more than myself I wanted to give you a gift of 20% off any item currently listed in my shop. Just use the code "Birthday" at check out. This does not apply to custom orders BUT I am waving the custom order fee on all items until Thanksgiving!! Let me know if you would like me to crochet something for you or a loved one, I have a great turn around time.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

we are ready

We are ready for the weekend to start!!!!
Its my birthday on Sunday and Scott is finally home!

It was hard with Scott being out of town and hard trusting his doctor although Dr Matthews has proven in the past that he is a great Doctor. It helped that Judah was extra sweet and cuddly today. 

 I am so grateful for Scott's mom and sister. We all met up at my mother in laws house this morning for a doggie pancake breakfast. 

Judah will sit a pink table to eat pancakes but has to use his tools instead of a fork.

 Scott and his father is finally back from their trip to Delaware. He came home tonight and so far is doing well. Dr Matthews spent five hours total on Scott and an hour on his father. He focused on the other part of Scott's back that he didn't get a chance to work on last time. We hope that this will help Scott be able to gain weight again. His father is doing fantastic and said that his hip is feeling much better. It will take some time to fully know for sure if this two day doctors appointment worked for them but we are hopeful for positive results since Dr Matthews has helped Scott in the past with correcting the movement disorder. 

Here is what Scotts back looks like. 

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. I'll be sure to update again to let you know how Scott and his father are doing. 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scott Spasms - please pray

When I first met Scott back in November of 2008 he had a motion disorder. He wasn't sure what suddenly caused this disorder and why it would randomly take over his body. He would carry around crutches because he wasn't sure when the spasms would attack his body and he wouldn't be able to walk or sometimes speak until they subsided. Most of our dating life was spent visiting Doctors in Johns Hopkins, NIH and trying to get into the Mayo Clinic.

(after our visit at Johns Hopkins) 

The doctors ran tests and had no idea what caused this disorder. Most of the Doctors were pretty discouraging. Since he couldn't make himself have the spasms I recorded him shortly after we were married because I was determined to get some answers and to find a cure.

The Doctors still could not figure out what is wrong with Scott and we continued searching for an answer. The spasms would make him lose control of his legs and he would fall to the ground so we were limited to what we could do. 

Through out my pregnancy I had to not only make sure I was taking care of myself and our baby but also take care of Scott. I was stressed out knowing that he could have a spasm at any moment and was constantly worried about what I could do to help him. The EMT's were at our home at least twice a month. Since Scott is Type 1 Diabetic (has been since he was 12) the spasms would cause his blood sugar to drop drastically and the EMT's would have to come over and help him out. Scott would lose motor function, sometimes couldn't speak and his spasms were so violent he actually broke a hospital bed with them and had to have me, three nurses and a handful of Drs try to hold him down. 

When I had Judah in December of 2010 Scott had a spasm in the hospital room. I remember holding Judah and crying while the nurses came in to help out Scott, wondering how are we going to do this. I'm not going to be able to trust Scott alone with Judah or he may have a spasm and drop him. 

Then in February of 2011 Scott's boss read an article in the Washington post about this Olympic ice-skater who had random spasms and saw this Dr in Delaware who cured her. Scott contacted the Dr, Dr Matthews and we saw him. After a few sessions the Dr was able to essentially cute Scott of his spasms. Since then we are able to run together, Scott can hold Judah, move heavy things, eat foods he wasn't able to eat before and we have a better quality of life. But Scott still is losing weight. He eats more than Judah and I combined and he can not keep the weight on. So today Scott and his father are driving up to see Dr Matthews again. Dr. Matthews is going to work on Scott and also work on Scott's dad Mike. Mike hurt his hip really bad and we think that Dr Matthews can help him so he doesn't have to go into surgery.

If you get a moment, please pray that Dr Matthews is able to help Scott, that he is able to pinpoint why Scott is unable to gain weight and help fix the problem. It breaks my heart seeing my husband just get skinnier and skinnier and struggle with his blood sugars because of his weight problem. Also please pray for my father in law Mike, that Dr Matthews is able to heal his hip problem and restore it. Finally please pray for safe travel mercies. I always get anxious when Scott travels since he is diabetic, but I have to remind myself that he has had diabetes since he was 12 and knows how to take care of himself. 

Also please pray for Judah and myself. That Judah doesn't freak out to bad with his daddy being away for a night and that we are able to actually get some sleep tonight. I haven't slept all week knowing that Scott was going to see Dr Matthews again today.

We would love if Scott could be spasm free and be able to finally gain some weight. 

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

wordless wednesday making it a better day

Today was a better day

Modeling one of the hats I made for Katie 

Park swings.

Playing with his mini skateboard at the skate park. 

Talking to flowers.

Teaching my son how to play in the leaves. 

Collecting pretty leaves and modeling another hat for Katie. 

Finding a big rock on our walk and hugging it. 

Thank you all for your sweet words yesterday. Today I was dragging a bit from having my flu shot but promise to respond tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

just want to cry

Today is one of those days that you just feel like you want to cry, or take a hot bath or both. This morning Scott accidentally left the front door unlocked while Judah and I were sleeping. It wasn't a super big deal and didn't think twice about it. Judah and I ate breakfast and got ready to go running around Burke Lake Park. I triple checked the door to make sure it was locked when I left the house.

While running around the park one of the tires on my Bob fell off! Judah took one off a few days ago so I know he must have loosened up the tire that fell off today. I managed to hold up the Bob and put the tire back on.  My heart just wanted to run down my favorite path at the lake. 

Judah was not happy to take pictures. 

As I was running I noticed the lake was starting to dry up.

When I ran around the corner my heart fell because a sign blocked off the trail to my favorite path that always lifts up my heart. So I turned around and ran a few miles the opposite way. 

We ran for 4 miles, played at the park and decided to stop by Starbucks for a treat. Judah screamed at me at Starbucks. He didn't want to let go of the cake pop he was holding but and refused to hold onto the milk and wanted me to feed him. I was almost in tears but knew that he was tired and that I can put him down for a nap when we finally get home. 

When we arrived home I was trying to carry Judah and a few bags of groceries from Giant. The bags all broke in the front lawn and I had to put Judah down who ran towards the door. I looked up and it looked like someone had broken into my house. So I quickly picked up Judah, stuffed the groceries into my purse and called the police. I called the police who came out and I explained to them that the top security latch was pushed out like someone had propped open the door and the metal plate to our dead bolt was missing. Scott came home to also make sure we were okay. Nothing was missing. The police suggested that Judah might have pulled the security lock out when we left. But I wasn't holding Judah while we walked out and since Scott left the door unlocked this morning I triple checked to make sure it was locked when I left. At that point I was feeling slightly crazy but mostly discouraged. I know Judah didn't pull that latch out. 

Right now I am feeling a bit tattered and worn from the day. 
But I am praying tomorrow is better and hoping I can sleep tonight

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Monday, October 22, 2012


When I had my wordpress blog I used to do random posts on thankfulness. I love looking back and seeing how my heart has been blessed in each season of life.  I want to start getting into the habit of being thankful and I would love to read your posts on what you are currently thankful for. 

I am thankful for this past weekend and the sweet unexpected hugs from my son. Also that he now says "I love vee ah mama". 

I'm thankful for my sister Rhonda, she sent me my birthday package a week early and it included this gorgeous bag. I am thankful that not only can it hold Judahs stuff, but that it has room to hold all my crochet orders. 

I'm thankful for the cooler weather. I am also thankful for being able to bless others with hats from my shop.

I am so thankful for Scott's parents. We randomly hung out on Saturday and Judah loved spending time with them at the pumpkin patch. 

I am thankful that the simple things like wagon rides and big pumpkins put a smile to my sweet boys face. 

I am thankful for random flea markets. I am also thankful that my mother in law is teaching me the art of negotiating with people at flea markets. I was able to score this gorgeous crochet blanket and vintage plate for under $4.

I am thankful that my mother in law gave us her dresser that she had as a child. I am thankful that Judah will be using her dresser and one day maybe his children will use it. 

I am thankful for flowers and I am thankful that we had the chance to finally plant bulbs this weekend so we can enjoy some pretty flowers next spring. 

I am thankful for sleeping angels and hair hearts (the tips of his hair is shaped like a heart).

I am thankful for blogger mama friends and Monday morning play dates with trader joes pumpkin muffins. 

I am thankful for my very attractive husband. 

Im thankful that we are still in the top 10 baby blogs!
I would be extra thankful if you take a moment to vote for us. 
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