Saturday, September 15, 2012

what I am loving about Saturday

Saturday mornings are for staying in your pajamas till noon and eating rasberries.

Judah is napping, his first real nap all week (thank God!). We have all the windows down in the house and are enjoying the semi fall breeze that's wafting in. I'm finishing up some custom orders before I update the shop with some super cute granny square ear warmers while Scott is working on his own projects.

Here are some sites I've been enjoying this week.

My sister in law is going to update her jewelry shop soon, check out her facebook page Kriyo. I'm thinking of doing a giveaway from her shop here on the blog. 

I absolutely love this Etsy shop The Black Apple

This delicious crock pot recipe that I copied from Maryam was a big hit with my family last night. 

I truly never knew the meaning of being a servant till I became a mom and love this post

Im keeping an eye out on my sweet friend Kendra's blog to see when her baby boy is going to arrive.

Now off to finish the custom order hats before Judah wakes from his nap! I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! 

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  1. That's exactly what saturdays were made for, glad we're not the only ones! I love Black Apple dolls, but hadn't seen that etsy shop, the artwork is incredible! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. My Saturday has been pretty similar! Not getting dressed until 2 and baby girl eating raspberries all day! Happy Saturday!

  3. That's an adorable photo, love the raspberries :)


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