Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend things

This weekend we were forced to relax, which I am not good at doing. I'm still really exhausted from antibiotics I was taking for the bronchitis I had last week and I under estimated how much rest I really needed. Who knew that a weeks worth of coughing would make your body feel like you hit the gym and did 100 crunches! My form of rest is crocheting so this weekend I whipped up a batch of adult sized earwarmer hats for the shop, they are one of my new favorite items and I can't wait to try out different flowers.

I listed a few today.

On Saturday I had a burst of energy and told Scott that once Judah wakes up from his nap I wanted to go to the Burke Fair to get Judahs face painted. With in five minutes of me saying that a huge storm hit us. We checked the news and they were telling us to take cover, while I ran around the main level closing the windows and grabbing snacks for Judah, Scott ran upstairs to wake Judah from his nap to bring him into the basement. We all hung out on the guest room in the basement with our snacks and books and watched movies till the storm passed. 

Afterwards we checked out the damage. This is a townhouse right behind us. The tree missed the home and the car!  

On Sunday Scott and Judah came home early from church because I wasn't feeling well. Judah had fun walking around the neighborhood watching the "big trucks" grind up the fallen trees. 

Scotts parents watched Judah while we went grocery shopping. We came back to Judah walking into his grandparents screen door and laughed at his new phrases that they taught him.
"Oh nuts" and "sheesh". I guess Scotts mom always says "sheesh".

I'm almost feeling 100%. This is going to be an excited week filled with starting a women's fall bible study, trips to the farm and library and enjoying this fall weather that blew in from the storm. 

Also I am doing a custom hat giveaway over at 5Ohwifey today. 

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  1. that is such a sweet photo of you with your red earwarmer hat! it's lovely to see how close your little family is.

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better!! Phew!!! And that storm was SCARY!! The whole back of our house was shaking!!!

    1. That storm was really scary! I hope you had a basement! (tornado warnings make me want to cry!) ;-)


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