Tuesday, September 25, 2012

pictures and a thank you

The other day in my desperation to find more pumpkin spice via's I took Judah on a four mile run to the Starbucks on the George Mason Campus. We already went on a long walk with my sister in law earlier that day. Needless to say they didn't have any. But we managed to get in a good four mile run. 

Judah is growing up way to fast. He says "your funny" all the time and it kinda makes me love him even more. 

He was sneaking around in my bathroom and came out saying he had a "head band". 

Today he was still under the weather. So we ran some early morning errands of stopping by the post office, driving to a Starbucks that had the via's and going to Target to pick up a new humidifier. The one my husband had was gross (its maybe why we stay sick for so long). 

We managed to score THREE packets of Pumpkin Spice via's. This time I called ahead and made sure they put some on hold for me. 

Judah is obsessed with wearing a glove on one hand like Michael Jackson. I kinda want to decorate it with rhinestones or glitter. 

Once we finished with our errands he was super excited to go down for a nap!

I have to make sure I let every one know on every social media outlet I am on that today that Netflix has finally released Season 5 of Gossip Girl! Scott watched some with me tonight as I explained my recent disdain of Dan Humphrey, I think its funny that he will watch some of my chick flicks with me.

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Tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the first day of fall giveaway.

Finally I wanted to thank each of you for your kind words of encouragement yesterday. The blog post I wrote about Coming Through Brokenness was not an easy post to write. I actually reread it a dozen times and had my husband read it as well before I sent it off to Kelly. Its hard to share deep hurts that your in the process of healing from. Its especially hard to share online because you never know who is on the other side of the computer screen and who may judge or say hurtful things to you to make your past hurts even deeper. But I took that step of faith to be honest and transparent with my readers in hopes that it would encourage you in some way. What I didn't expect was how encouraged I was by your responses. I wanted to thank you and I plan on taking the time this week to respond to each of you. 

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  1. Ahhh he's so adorable! That's so funny that he likes wearing a glove on one hand!


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