Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So often I find myself wondering if I've lost sight of Gods great love for me. I'll feel weary from trying to mend my broken heart on my own or I'll feel discouraged from thinking that I'm not doing things good enough. That I'm not a good enough mom to Judah or a good enough wife to Scott or a good enough sister or friend. Its so easy to just get swept away in my negative thoughts of myself.  

 Then, right when I think He doesn't hear me. And I'll be honest allot of the time I'm not really seeking His help but trying to help myself, the Lord will shine His glorious light upon my heart. Instantly my soul feels peace, its like when you kicked off your blankets during a cold night and someone puts them back on, you had no idea how much you needed those blankets. I sometimes forget how much my soul craves to know the Lord and how much I need Him. When He does shine His light upon my heart I just want to sit in this sweet moment of His tender love and try to fully grasp that I am His Beloved....

It amazes me daily watching my son flourish because he knows his parents love him.
 He is our beloved. 
We would do anything for him.
My daily prayer for my son is to be able to "Joyfully serve Judah".
Unlike the Lord we will always be imperfect parents. But despite being not so perfect parents, in Judah's childlike innocence he fully accepts that he is our beloved. 

We are the Lords Beloved.
The creator of all things good and beautiful wants to hear our voice.
He wants us to know that we are dear to His heart.

let my broken heart tarry
in your glorious light
I feel so weak and weary
afraid I've lost sight
teach my heart the mystery
of Your divine love
In you I have victory
I am Your Beloved
written by Jess Judkins 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful my friend!

  2. That is a beautiful poem. Thank you for being so honest. Most of us (me included) forget to seek His help and try to do everything on our own. Which is ridiculous because God wants to help us. He's probably up there watching us and thinking "would you just ask already". It's like when my son, whose 4 struggles to get on his shoes and instead of asking me for help he just sits there whining and crying that he can't do it. As adults we do the same thing, just not normally over shoes. When all we have to do is ask for His help and grace.


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