Sunday, August 12, 2012

weekend recap

We started out our Saturday morning by stopping by a neighborhood yard sale that my mother in law texted us about. She said that a lady was selling a whole yard full of trucks for $1 each and since Judah's latest obsession is trucks we drove on over. I guess another local boy is also obsessed with trucks because they were gone by the time we arrived. I did manage to grab this awesome Starwars toaster that burns Darth Vader on the toast!

Afterwards we decided to head over to this hair salon my sister in law goes to. I'm pretty picky with my hair and honestly I haven't had a decadent haircut since my best friend Thomas left for Peru over a year ago. I asked my sister in law where she got her haircut because she has gorgeous hair and always has nice bangs. She said it was this little shop down the street from us. I was expecting this really cute shop off to the side of the road but when we pulled up I saw this. The place looked like it would accidentally shave my head so I texted Kristyn to double check this is really where she gets her hair cut and she said yes. Feeling a bit adventures (or nuts) we decided to check it out. 

I just asked for a bang cut. I figured bangs grow out faster and since I've had so many bad bang cuts this past year I know how to work my bangs so they at least look presentable. When the lady finished with my hair I was actually shocked that she did a good job.  So we let her cut Judah's hair and then Scott said he wanted a hair cut. 

Three wonderful haircuts that cost us $30 total! I think we may have found Burkes best kept hidden secret as far as getting an inexpensive really nice haircut. We celebrated by treating Judah to a chocolate donut. I'll have to post a picture of my bang cut later this week. 

Went home and tested the toasted. It works!!! Judah would walk around with his toast and would hum the Imperial March. 

I finished some hats.

On Saturday night Scott and I went on a date night while his parents watched Judah. I was having so much fun with my husband that I completely forgot to take pictures. 

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling to well. We think that the Chipotle we had on our date Saturday night might have been cross contaminated with dairy. The burrito station was a mess and while they were making my burrito bowl I kept thinking "I think I see strands of cheese in the lettuce" but we ate it anyways and I am regretting it right now. 

We are teaching Judah how to color. He likes to pick up the crayons and say "blue" "yewo" and he will occasionally scribble on the coloring book.

Then I finished a fox hat I've been working on. 

Not a super exciting weekend as far as pictures. But I am grateful we were able to spend some time at home, recoup from the scary night, go on a date, hang out with some local family and finish some crochet projects. 

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  1. Aw, what a fun, relaxing weekend. Love the Star Wars toaster, so hilarious! Have a lovely week my friend!

  2. Visiting from Project Sweet Pea! Super cute fox hat!

  3. visiting from Project Sweet Pea! What a cute kid! I LOVE the name Judah!

  4. Visiting from project sweet pea!

    Love his hat!!

  5. husband would love that Darth Vader toaster. Great find.


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