Sunday, August 5, 2012

the best pulled pork ever

I've recently discovered how to make the best slow cooked pulled pork and I wanted to share with you this ridiculously easy recipe. 

All you need is 
- a crock pot -
- pork but - 
- IBC Root Beer -
- any BBQ sauce you like, we prefer sweet baby rays - 
- rolls -

I've tried this recipe with other types of Root Beer and although the pulled pork comes out decent, nothing compares to IBC Root Beer, its tested and Scott approved (he loves pulled pork).

I put the pork but in the crock pot with a bottle and a half of the IBC root beer. I set the crock pot on high for five hours (or you can set on low for 8 hours). Once its cooked I drain the meat, shred it and take out the bones and any extra fat. Then I place the meat back into the crock pot that is now turned off and cover it with BBQ sauce. I always leave some sauce out for people to put more on their sandwich. 

Its that easy, people will think you were preparing the meat for days when all it took was a crock pot, root beer and BBQ sauce. 

SOOO good!

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  1. Yummy! That sounds easy. Kenny smokes ours now... So I doubt he would let me do it in the crock pot anymore.

  2. Oh My American hubs would love this, the only problem is Root Beer is a little hard to come by in these parts (Australia). But he has been missing southern BBQ real bad!!

  3. Looks awesome! I think I'll try it out whenever we have our big deck reveal party. Your face in the last picture is too funny!


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