Monday, August 27, 2012

summer is not over

Last night I was catching up on facebook before we headed to bed. After reading a bunch of my friends updates I turned to my husband and said "School must be starting tomorrow, its the end of summer" but then I realized. Its not the end of summer for Judah and I! We still have lots of fun things to do.

This morning we headed over to the Reston Town Center to watch Mr Knick Knack. We were running late again. It takes me awhile to get Judah fed in the morning since he is getting pickier and picker with breakfast foods. 

If we arrive late Judah gets unsure of the crowd that has already formed around Mr Knick Knack and he will stand back and stare at him for awhile. 

The kids were dancing along. If your local (in the Northern VA are) Mr Knick Knack is by far one of the best children's shows. He has great songs and helps the children feel affirmed. He plays for free every Monday morning at the Reston Town Center until the end of October. 

Judah decided mommys lap is better than dancing with the other kids. I honestly didn't mind. It was fun singing along to BINGO and bouncing Judah.

We found some friends who shared their snacks! 

I think she is going to be Judahs future girlfriend. 

We ended up staying till the very end and Judah even got a sticker from Mr Knick Knack. He did better than he did last week when he just wanted to hold my hand and not move the entire time. 

He still prefers drinking his milk and watching the construction at the Town Center. 

We still have a few more weeks of summer and a few more years before Judah takes off for school. Until then we are going to make the most of each and every single day. 

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  1. So good to see you today, friend!

  2. I refuse to give up summer just yet, even though I started my online classes! There are just too many things I still want to do! There is an art festival coming up in Grand Rapids and a camping trip planning for 2 weeks from now. After those things maybe I'll start to loosen my grip on summer because I do love fall.


  3. So awesome :) You have a few more years of just enjoying summer with Judah, how lovely!

  4. Lovely.
    He's so cute!! Great style!

    p.s.: ...and fall can be nice, too. ;)

  5. Well aren't you the cutest family there ever was?! Love your pictures!


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