Thursday, August 9, 2012

scary night

Last night was one of the scariest nights I've ever experienced.  Scott and I stayed up late hanging out after we decided to put off our road trip to Connecticut. He still decided to take a mini vacation and we  were going to stop by a local farm in the morning. When we headed up to bed Scott was acting kinda strange, I knew he had a low blood sugar and asked him to recheck it and maybe get some juice. He walked downstairs and I hear a door opening but assumed it was the refrigerator door. When he didn't come back upstairs I walked down and saw our front door wide open and his truck keys were missing. I slipped on some shoes, walked outside, saw his truck was still here but Scott wasn't. I doubled checked to make sure he wasn't lying on the ground near the truck because his blood sugar was low. I thought "oh no is this the night I use the glucagon on my husband" I went back inside to check the house and he was no where to be found. I called up Scott's sister to see if he has done this in the past when he had a low blood sugar. Since I couldn't leave the house to look around the neighborhood because Judah was sleeping upstairs she said she was coming right over. I called the non emergency number and was giving them his information when he comes walking back towards the house barefoot with his pajamas on. He was disoriented saying that he had to walk to his parents house that was several miles away. He also kept saying that he had no memories from his childhood. After getting some sugar in him Scott was fine. Scott has Type 1 diabetes. I've seen some low blood sugars before, but never anything like this, I was scared that he might have passed out somewhere in the wooded area behind our house or was walking down a main road no knowing where he was. It was only by the grace of God he decided to stop in his tracks, turn around and walk back home.  Last night was a reminder that we are not guaranteed all our days here on earth. So today's family farm road trip had a even more special meaning to me. I can't imagine doing these fun road trips or just a life with my husband or son. They both mean the world to me. 

We are so blessed to live in Virginia. We have so many gorgeous farms near us. Today we stopped by the Hartland Orchard. This place is cute, family owned and a 45 min drive away.

We decided to pick the raspberries first. Judah ate more than we picked. 

This boy and his berries. 

After we picked six pints of raspberries we drove a mile down the road to the families peach orchard. The girls running the orchard are really friendly. 

I think this may be my favorite picture of Judah and I. 

The trees were full of peaches. Judah was even able to pick some for himself. We had to stop him from eating some that were left on the ground. 

I'm so thankful my little family was able to spend the morning at a local farm. 

Now we have raspberries, sweet corn and peaches to last us two weeks at least!

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  1. Oh sweetheart,
    I am so sorry you had to experience this!!! How scary for you!
    I am so glad that he made it home safely, and will pray that this doesn't happen again!!!
    Looks like you had a WONDERFUL day together!!!
    Family days are the B-E-S-T!
    Blessings to you friend,
    Maggie :)

  2. Oh man that sounds so scary! I'm really relieved for your family that everything is alright. I could not imagine my boyfriend going off like that, I would probably freak out! But it's so nice that you had a wonderful day after that. You look really great! And those pictures of you and Judah and you and your little family are really nice.

  3. Glad he is okay! Scary! Beautiful pictures of your family.

  4. Judah is a doll. I love his rosy cheeks in these pictures and I think it is priceless that he and his daddy wore matching shirts :)
    Thanks for dropping by my corner of the blog world again today. I hope you visit often!

  5. How scary! I'm glad everything turned out ok! We were supposed to go to Hartland a couple weeks ago with our friends for peach picking, but we got rained out. Now we're planning on going back for pumpkin patch time with two kiddos :)

  6. scott you gave my favorite momma a scare! hope you are feeling better, i've heard of some pretty wacky things happening when those sugers get low. Jess, you are such a strong mom, good to hear you kept your head cool! and glade you were able to have nice farm visit

  7. Wow, that is SO scary! I'm so glad he's ok, friend!

  8. Wow, that is so scary, my dad was a diabetic so I understand the worry that goes along with this disease.
    Your pictures are the cutest. The peaches look so yummy!

  9. oh man, very scary! sending thoughts and prayers your way. on a brighter note, love the photos at the farm ;)

  10. Yikes, that is so scary :( So glad he made his way back. I didn't realize low blood sugar could cause such disorientation.


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