Thursday, August 2, 2012


I had this idea from my friend Nicoles blog to post a picture of me with out makeup and with out using one of the wonderful photo editing apps I have on my phone. I saw the original idea came from this blog. Its so easy to fix a photo and it comes in handy when your an overly exhausted stay at home mom with bags under your eyes. Judah hasn't been napping the past two days and I haven't been sleeping at night which makes a disastrous combination of both mother and child not functioning on enough sleep. I took this photo of myself today after Judah's second nap attempt. I was watching and laughing at him as he was singing out the window to the rain while he was trying to eat his toy bugs. I don't have any makeup on and the photo is not edited in any apps. I feel absolutely exposed posting a picture like this.

Sticking his toy bugs in his mouth. 

Sucking on a lizard while he plays with his dinosaurs, elmo, doggies and bugs by the window. 

I took a few pictures of our dining room and family room so you can see how nice it looks with the new color we painted the walls with last month. 

I especially love our family room. The lamps don't match because I am searching for just the right ones at some thrift stores. 

I have another large chair in the corner of my living room where I placed my granny square blanket. Judah loves for us to read to him in this spot. 

On the walls I have some thrifted floral artwork. Also my very sweet friend Emily Bilbrey custom made this fox portrait of Judah. I absolutely love it and am planning on getting the whole family done. I  recently purchased the scripture artwork from the Etsy shop Naptime Diaries.  Song of Solomon 2:4 is one of my favorite verses and I wanted to place the artwork somewhere in the house where I would daily be reminded that the Lords banner over me is love. 

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  1. What are you talking about? Gosh. Your GORGEOUS. 100%. Completely.

  2. Your exposure is lovely. Great color on your walls too!

  3. You are beautiful. Love your house too. :)

  4. cute home and adorable blog! your little man is so cute-my little girl loves bees and bugs...what is it about bugs that gets kids so excited?! thanks for stopping by my blog-i look forward to following-)

    1. awww your little girl adores bugs? I Love it! We bought a huge container of plastic bugs at a yard sale a few weeks ago and Judah is obsessed with them. I don't mind them except for the spiders because they look so real. Im always screaming when I see one on the ground.

  5. You look beautiful! My little boy loves those big bags of plastic bugs you can buy at the Dollar Store. I love the color of the walls!

  6. Awww he is adorable!! I love the color, suits the room perfectly and makes it look light and airy :-)

  7. Your beautiful! Just remember our kids see us like this everyday so this is who they know. They don't care as long as we take care of them! We have when they are older to look glamerous and be pampered.

  8. Hay love the blog! I saw you on Delicate Construction and I'm now following you via GFC, Twiter, and on FaceBook. I would be so excited if you stopped by my blog and looked around, follow me to if you like it.
    Rose @

  9. You don't even look like you're not wearing makeup! In jealous!


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