Sunday, August 19, 2012

creative crochet

I've recently finished two really sweet projects. The first one is a sleepy fox hat. The other night I was thinking how cute would a sleepy fox hat look on Judah, so I crochet a 1-6 month hat first to test it out and I love how it looks. I told my sister in law some time in the fall I would love to take pictures of our kids in the forest with some woodland creature hats on. I think Judah and his cousin would make cute foxes or pixie fairies. 

Then I finished my nieces floral blanket. First I crochet a bunch of cute little flowers in several bright colors. 

Then I stitched them all together in a random pattern.

Finished mini blanket. 

I love how it looks wrapped up. 

Since the blanket was so much fun to make I am currently working on another one to sell in the shop . 

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  1. I love the blanket! And that fox hat, just darling :)

  2. Love the fox hat, I have been meaning to take up crochet, I would love to make blankets as gifts, but finding the time to learn something new is always a challenge with a little munchkin!

  3. The fox hat is darling! Pretty much all of your creations are :)

  4. love the fox hat and the little blanket - sooo cute!


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