Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stache and Wig

Yesterday was Kyle from Cross Point Church birthday. We have been IG friends for so long I have no idea how we became friends, I just know that he is a great person and that he thinks my son is pretty cool. He also thinks the "Judah wig" pictures are hysterical and he requested one for his birthday. So a few months ago I put a reminder on my phone that Kyles birthday is July 11th. 

 Judah is a real good sport, he doesn't mind the wig or mustache and he will totally start walking around like everything is normal and forget he is dressed up like an old man. It 's hard taking pictures of him dressed up like this because I am normally laughing with tears in my eyes. 

Happy Birthday Kyle - From JudahWig 

If you want to see more pictures of Judah on Instagram my user name is Jessjudkins

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  1. That is hilarious! Maybe I should start convincing my baldie 10 month old Charlie to start wearing wigs...

    1. ha Gina you should! Its actually pretty funny for pictures :-)

  2. HILARIOUS! Kyle is a rockstar :) That's the online church I attend Sunday nights... love it :)

    Love me some Judah-boo! oh the cuteness!

  3. That is the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen! Have you seen the mad scientist costume on pinterest? It reminds me of that! I love it! Judah is such a super cutie! No wonder Kyle wanted pictures of him for his birthday!

  4. These photos are hysterical! SO cute!

  5. Oh man, your kid is such a good sport! Love the photos! :D

  6. Oh my goodness, he looks like someone from straight out of the 70s!! So hilarious and adorable!! xx

  7. Gahhh those photos are so adorable! He looks like a little Einstein.

    I've missed chatting with you btw :) Hope you are well.

  8. That is TOO cute!!

    Thanks for the follow, following back

  9. What a cute idea!! I love it!

  10. This is truly amazing! It seems like you have a wonderful family. By the way, what's that quote on your wall?

  11. haha so cute! I just found your blog and its so cute! My husband is also a worship leader, we are both on the team and my dad is a senior pastor so I know about the whole full time ministry thing! Glad I found you!! New follower!

    Melissa @

  12. The wig's awesomeness is only enhanced by the mustache. Very cool pics!


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