Tuesday, July 3, 2012

special harbor

I love that we live so close to Scott's family and that we can take our kids to do some fun things during the summer and make memories together. Today I felt like I was a Judkins and was able to hang out with my extended family. My sister in law suggested we check out this local water park that she recently went to, her daughter had a blast last time they went and she thought Judah would really like it as well. I thought it would be fun, I mean who doesn't like splashing in water during a hot summer day. We drove over to my sister in laws house to follow her and my mother in law over to the park. Judah had to pick a daisy for his cousin before we headed out. 

The Park is called Special Harbor Park. Click on the link and watch the 30 second video. This park is huge! Also its completely free! Its the perfect place to stay cool and hang out with your kids outside. Normally I get pretty hot while I am out in the sun but today I barely notice that we were standing in direct sunlight for over an hour. 

I chased Judah all over this park. Next time I am wearing a bathing suite, even though I was able to dodge the water fountains I got wet. Judah at one point lost his swim trunks, he was running around so much they just fell right off him. 

Whether it was charging after the water, running around as fast as he could or just hanging out with his cousin by the water table, Judah loved everything about this park. He even loved running on the rubber ground and throwing his sippy cup in the air. 

I loved going with my family to the water park today and we are for sure going back several times this summer. 

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  1. Yes, I am totally doing this next week! My friend told me about it last month. I wanted to do it today, but the past weekend has wiped out my energy for a bit :)

  2. That looks so fun! And refreshing :-)

  3. Sounds like you had so much fun! I love to watch the little ones in places like that.

  4. Little ones and water ! Great combi..

    Xxx Sharmayne

  5. That looks amazing!! I need to find a water park to take my little family to. It has been so hot and lots of cool water to splash around in sounds amazing!

  6. hah! too much fun, lose your trunks. i love it! this place looks like such a blast!! I wish we something similar in our area! I bet it's especially enjoyable on these hot-hot-HOT days!! Have a wonderful 4th, sweet family!

  7. Judah looks like he had a blast! I so wish we had something like that in our area! How fun!


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