Friday, July 20, 2012

lunch with daddy

I feel like this week has flown by, every day we had something going on with the house or with Judah. Whether it was capturing the mouse, getting our front porch railings fixed, the massive construction in our front yard by getting our front steps replaced, or Judah busting his lip open and heading over to the after hours clinic and him battling a fever for a few days. Since its been such a busy week I told Scott last night that I would like to bring Judah by his office for lunch. I also wanted them to wear their adorable matching bow ties that my sponsor Alene from AleneCutlerCreations sent over to us. 

Judah wasn't sure if I was really taking him to see Daddy or not. 

He was really excited to see Daddy at work and was even more excited to look like twins!

"Daddy I want to be just like you when I grow up"

Judah is a typical boy and never wants to hold our hands. So imagine how my heart melted when Judah grabbed Scott's hand to walk him to the car. 

We forgot to really which place we wanted to have lunch at. Since I am dairy free finding lunch on the go can be pretty difficult.  We made a quick decision to stop by Wendy's. They have a pretty decent "dairy free" menu and it was right down the street. Judah is drinking water from a cup, we don't drink soda.

Laying back and enjoying his "daddy" time. 

This would have made the cutest picture if it wasn't for the girl randomly lifting her hamburger over Judah's head. Im planning on having my guys dress up in their matching bow ties again in the near future and taking some nice pictures at a local farm. I really want to capture this moment again with out the random hamburger. 

I adore these father and son bow ties and Judah thought it was the best thing ever to match his dad.  Alene has a wonderful shop and is an incredibly talented seamstress. 

Alene is offering readers of My Charming Colors 10% off your orders for the months of July and August. Use the code MUSTACHE at check out. Also check out her facebook page! She currently has a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now!

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  1. Cute picture of dad and son. Love the bow tie, you really don't see a lot of people wearing it these days.


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