Thursday, July 12, 2012

looking for rest

Ever have one of those days where you just need rest for your soul. When you just need to get out of the house because you have a mouse need a change of scenery. We recently found out that we have a mouse in the house, I saw it behind the couch yesterday in our living room. Since I had a nightmare about it last night I decided to take Judah outside of the house for a bit. 

He first wanted to read his book to the gnomes on the front porch.

Then we headed to Burke Lake park. Its this beautiful wooded park that is 3 miles down the street from us. The trails that surround the lake are gorgeous and perfect for a jogging stroller. Once we enter the park my heart feels like its engulfed in joy and I feel a stream of calmness running through my soul.   

I love the semi silence of the woods, all you hear are your feet crunching against the rocks, the occasional biker or runner and the birds singing their songs. I love to get lost in the peaceful beauty of these woods while I let my troubling thoughts just float down the lake, far away from my heart. 

We ended up running 4 miles and we would have probably stayed longer but Judah and I were hungry. 

We had a lovely mid day picnic snack in the backyard. We ate blueberries and roasted seaweed while we colored and read books together. 

We still have the mouse in the house, but my soul feels a bit better after our visit to the woods. Hopefully we will catch the mouse before next week.

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  1. What a nice day! I am so looking forward to doing those things. Right now at the twins age, and the fact there are two of them I have difficulty doing things like that. It looks like you had a nice time and made some great memories.
    Good luck with the mouse!

  2. It is so wonderful to have places like that, places that ground you when all else seems out of our control. And I LOVE your sons little outfit! He is SUCH a little cutie! And lovely blog <3 Definitely a new follower!

  3. ACK!! I would definitely need rest for my soul if I spied a mouse in the house. God's beautiful creation has a way of bringing us back to a place of rest and peace. BTW, I love the name Judah. LOVE.IT!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I hope you will continue to visit :)

  4. Looks like a lovely trip. And glad it's a mouse, and not a giant spider, which is what I have nightmares about! haha Hope you feel rested and better soon :) xo

  5. I love Judah's suspenders!! I need to start dressing my son more fashionably haha

  6. He's in suspenders! Melt my heart!! We had one of those day yesterday, where we went and just fed the ducks. After leaving the park, I felt so much better. Hope your mouse probably has been taken care of - we have two cats and either of them care much about mice.

  7. I'm in love :) Happy to follow you, guys and your cute stories :)


  8. Omigoodness.. living in this moment RIGHT now... the mouse in the house that is.. eeeep! Been jumping up on the couches since yesterday while waiting.cheering.ranting at our two inept cats to 'deal with it' already. sheeeesh!
    Anyway, so delighted to come across your blog - thanks for stopping it at mine! I'll be sure to pop in again - since any one who has gnomes is gold in my books! ;o)
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