Wednesday, July 18, 2012

little guy and his cute bow tie

Today Judah wore a bow tie from my one of my sponsors  Kristine at Plumlovelies. I absolutely love this shop and her bow ties are beautiful, vibrant and ridiculously affordable. As soon was we walked into the Salvation Army this morning I had several people comment on how dapper Judah was in his little boy tie. I must agree, I was with the best dressed thrifting buddy. He looks a little out of it because we had to go to the after-hours clinic at Kasier last night. Judah fell and bit through his lip, he didn't need stitches but they wanted him on amoxicillin in case he got an infection. 

After our thrifting date we headed over to visit Judah's Grandma over at Immanuel Bible Church.

He loved running around her office and getting into everything! 

After a long nap I let Judah play in our backyard for a little bit. It reached over 100 degrees this afternoon so we didn't stay out to long in the heat. 

I love this bow tie! The blue and red contrast perfectly and the bow tie connects in the back with velcro.  Judah kept it on during our trip to the thrift store, visit with grandma and playing outside in the heat. 

Plum Lovelies is offering the readers of My Charming Colors 10% off your order if you place your order before the end of July. Use the code MYLITTLEMUSTACHE at check out.

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  1. His bow tie is really cute! I love that horse he is riding one! I had one of those when I was little. How cute!

    1. I did to!!! I found it at goodwill earlier this year and screamed because I had one ha ha :-) He didn't care for it at first but now that he knows what a horse is he makes a funny horse noise and pulls it around :-)

  2. Super cute! I want a little boy to dress up! xx

    1. Oh but girls are so much fun to dress up!!! :-) I always always find the cutest vintage girls dresses :-)


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