Sunday, July 22, 2012

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We almost didn't make it to church yesterday morning. Judah is still teething and has been waking up screaming several times during the night. We kept him in bed with us and gave him some Tylenol and Hylands before he went to sleep in hopes that he would finally get some rest last night. When ever he did scream the only thing that would calm him is grabbing my arm in his toddle death grip while Scott patted his bottom. Needless to say Scott and I are exhausted. But waking up this morning I knew we would regret not going to church. Judah has so much fun in Sunday School, the class would for sure wear him out and distract him from his teething pain. I also knew that they can always page me if he has an epic meltdown. I love to dress Judah up for church, he is known as the boy with the bow tie in his class. Today I picked out a an adorable pink bow tie from one of my sponsors Colleen over at  Listen To This Button

Judah was wonderful during Sunday School and was even sad to leave. He did have a mini meltdown in the car while we pulled away from the church parking lot. He kept pointing at his teeth and was screaming. A few hyland tablets and a bottle later he was out. 

Today wasn't all to bad. Once Judah woke up from his nap we were able to distract him by taking him to one of my favorite local parks. As soon as we bring him anywhere outside he completely forgets that he is teething and is one happy boy. Today he learned how to break sticks! 

He also found and chased a cricket around. At one point he grabbed it and tried to eat the thing. 

In awe of some grasshoppers at the bottom of a slide. 

I love his face here.

This park is right under a airplane flight path. Judah would stop what he was doing and stare at the airplanes as they would fly over and disappear behind the trees. I simply love his childlike wonder. 

Judah found a patch of flowers near the park and of course had to stop and smell some.

Then tried to eat them.

Pointing at more planes. I love my handsome little guy in his pink bow tie!

Listen To This Button has so many delightful bow ties and suspenders!  Judah's pink bow tie was made so well that he was able to wear it in Sunday School running around with a bunch of toddlers to romping around trying to catch bugs at a local park. 

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  1. ack! He's so cute - and a real man isn't afraid to wear pink! lol. It must be a 'boy thing' about noticing planes (or trucks/automobiles) since my daughter ignores them.. but the boy I'm watching goes crazy over every.single.plane flying overhead!
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  2. I swear Judah gets cuter every day!!! (I love the calming method, really made me giggle!) well done for hanging in there and keeping your priorities in focus even in stressful times xxx


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