Tuesday, July 31, 2012

keeping it local so I don't go loca

Do you ever have one of those days where you realize that you have to completely readjust your schedule, for your own sanity? I had one yesterday when I attempted to drive out to the Reston Town Center 30 minutes away to take Judah to the Mr. Knick Knack show. I arrive late, drove through two parking garages and one outdoor parking area and couldn't find a spot anywhere. So I took Judah across the street to the Barnes and Nobles to play with the train table. He was having a great time until another dad "dropped his son off" at the train table before he left to go browse through some books at the other end of the store. This kid was 3 years old and very mean to Judah, kept screaming at him that the trains were "HIS!" and telling Judah he wasn't saying things right. So after awhile I left, the father saw me leaving the store and ran back to the train table asking where his son was. I said "your son walked away saying I'll be right back". The father wasn't to happy with me and ran back to find his son. I'm sorry your a stranger and a dad to a mean kid, its not my responsibility to watch your kid. So I took Judah home. Last night I was talking to my husband and let him know my nightly mental struggle of what to do the next day with Judah. I want to be able to walk/run with Judah everyday. It puts us both in a great mood and I am able to get a good workout. But I also want to be able to add extra activities to engage Judah before his takes his afternoon nap, I couldn't figure out how to do both and keep it local so I'm not driving all over the place. This morning I woke up and had an idea. Why don't I walk Judah to a park that's 3 miles from our home. 

The trip to the park was mostly uphill, great for my calves especially since I am pushing Judah. Before we headed to the park I stopped by Starbucks for drinks, we hung out at the park for 30 minutes then headed back. I took a different route back home that passed a fire station and construction trucks digging up a road. Judah was in heaven. 

Once we arrived home we managed to walk 5.75 miles! Not only did I get in my work out in but Judah was exhausted from all the fun he had. So I gave him a bubble bath and put him down for a nap. 

After his nap I dressed Judah up in a bow tie from one of my sponsors at The Lavender Lounge, grabbed his monster doll and we headed outside to draw with our chalk before the storm rolled in. 

The thunder kept getting louder and louder outside so we decided it was safer to take our chalk play date inside. Judah decided it would be funny to stand on his chair and sing to me.

My dear sweet Judah, I'll never tire of your cuddles or your silly songs. 
Needless to say, I'm less anxious about hanging out local today than driving across town to see a show that we missed and to be bullied by a three year old and his dad. 

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  1. I'm in love with the "You are my sunshine" picture! Your little boy is just so sweet! And can we just say what a crazy stranger he is! It sounds like he was expecting you to watch his child. Such awful parenting! I cannot believe you basically walked 6 miles! You are literally my new hero!

  2. I hate it when strangers just assume that you'll watch their kid for you! I've actually been scolded by an employee for the behavior of a kid who had been left at the train table. The employee just assumed both kids were mine.

    And that storm yesterday - wow! We were walking back from the park and were caught in the downpour! It was awful!

  3. I just love you are my sunshine photo!! you have a great blog and you for sure have a new follower.

  4. I love all of these photos! I get so annoyed when people think I should be watching their kids - strangers and family alike!


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