Sunday, July 15, 2012

guilty pleasure

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching The Bachelorette. Every Monday night my husband and I will put Judah down to bed and head on downstairs to eat special snacks and watch the show together. He used to tease me before we got married for watching the show, but now he looks forward to it more than I do! Last Monday as we were watching Emily hand out the roses Scott turns to me and says "I almost got you a rose tonight, because every day I choose you". I said "aww that would have been really sweet of you!". Scott thought I was just going to laugh at him but I truly thought that would have been a really sweet gesture. This past Friday I was having a semi bad day. We have been doing a huge clean and purge in our home. I've started to sell bunch of our baby and household items on craigslist and on Friday morning I decided to bring in a huge trunk full of items to the Salvation Army, they have a drive thru drop off donation center and you can get a receipt. I couldn't just drive by with out stopping in for ten minutes. This was a good and bad move on my part. The good thing is that I grabbed two gorgeous dresses that fit me perfectly, the bad is Judah had a meltdown at the cash register because the cashier was flirting with him to much. Since I haven't been sleeping well and knew I needed extra energy for the day I caved and drove to Starbucks afterwards. 
 The guy behind the counter actually gave me a free drink because Judah started crying that he wanted a drink (his cup of Starbucks water) and the guy handed all our drinks and said "I understand". 

Judah went down for a nap and I was almost settled in to update my blog and shop but forgot my drink in the kitchen. I got up to go get it, the laptop charger was wrapped around my big toe, I tripped, fell to the floor almost twisting my ankle. The cord ended up snapping in half and the laptop died. I texted Scott "my bad day got worse". 

When Scott came home we all dressed like Cows and I drove us to Chick Fil A to meet up our friends the Slingerlands. The place was packed and didn't have any parking spots open. I was going to drive a bit down the street and have us all walk to the place but Scott said he was feeling really sick and that we should drive back home. He took his blood sugar and said he was crashing bad and needed sugar asap. I didn't have juice in the car so we drove to the nearest McDonald's to grab a sweet tea. By this time Judah was sensing something was up with Scott and he started to cry. The cashier at McDonald's was telling me how to take care of my diabetic husband and I said "can I please just have the sweet tea". We waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes, the blood sugar to come back up and Scott was feeling back to normal. 

Back at home, Scott took Judah out to give me a mini break, when he came home he knocked on the door and stood there with a single rose that said "I chose you". I smiled and my bad day was forgotten. 

We may have our ups and downs in our marriage, but I am grateful that each day my husband decides to chose me. That I am the winner of his rose. 

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  1. How cute! It sounds like you have a great husband. I love how something like that can turn your day around.

  2. agreed! sometimes it's just the littlest things that can erase all of your stress. that's a precious photo of him with the rose and your son.

  3. what a SWEET, PRECIOUS hubby you have!
    you deserve it girly!
    love you!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting such a kind comment, Jess.
    This is a lovely, quite inspirational post. Loving the mustache :) I hope you'll consider sharing it on my post @, I'm sure my readers would be thrilled to read it and will definitely put a smile on their faces :)

    Have a wonderful week

  5. Awww! Melt my heart! It's probably the hormones from nursing, but I actually teared up a little bit!

  6. The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure as well :O) I really like both of the final 2 guys, but Jeff is my favorite.
    Oh man, don't you hate those days.... I just had one, especially the computer cord....arghhh those are expensive!


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