Monday, July 2, 2012

blogging with integrity

In the blogging world, most of us blog because we are connectors, we are people who love relationships and we value honesty behind the blogs that we read and pick to sponsor. I love being able to sponsor blogs, not only does it help get the name of my blog and shop out to people who may have not heard of it, but it also helps me connect and support the blog owner who I decide to sponsor. For the past year I've been lucky enough to sponsor wonderful blogs that I enjoy to read and I love the relationship I've built with the authors. Each blog I sponsor I carefully pick out, I see what their past sponsorship posts have looked like and I see what they can offer my blog or shop. Things have been going great and below I will list out some of the blogs I have partnered up with in the past who have integrity, who go above and beyond to help your blog or shop and who really value you and your decision to purchase a spot on their blog. Recently for the first time I've been able to see the other side of this wonderful blogging relationship experience. Im sure if your involved with blogging, IG or twitter you may eventually see this at some point. You will see a person who is not who they "claim to be online" in real life. Honestly I was in tears this weekend because of this, I've meet so many wonderful bloggers, IG mamas and twitter friends that I never expected someone to not be who they claim to be. Someone who would did not honor the agreement I purchased from them and also someone who would write hurtful things to me just to hurt my heart.  I assumed if a blog is having people pay for sponsorship, then the sponsorship aspect of that blog should be ran as a business, meaning if you get any type of complaint or a remark saying "hey I noticed my blog is not in the feature post you agreed to put me in" then you try your best to make things right. I was't recently given what I paid for and I was going to blow this off. My heart really hurt but I just made a mental note to "never sponsor this blog again" and "I won't ever suggest this blog to someone for sponsorship". But after speaking to some of my blogger moms and to my husband I decided Im going to email her one more time and ask for a refund because she didn't do what she said she was going to do for my blog. Fearfully (because I hate asking people for things and I was already afraid of her because of her previous mean response) I asked her for a refund. She finally did give me a refund, that was also accompanied by anther very hurtful email. Honestly I wish I never knew this blog or woman. 

That being said, I want to make a plea to all my blogger friends and soon to be friends out there. Please please please blog with integrity. Im only asking this because its the right thing to do, also the person behind the screen who is paying you for a sponsorship, who is trusting in you with hopes and dreams that they can get the word out about their blog. When you don't follow through with your word it hurts their heart. Now I don't know about you but I can't stand the thought of hurting someones heart who trusted in me. I was hugging on Judah this morning just thinking, how can another mama blogger hurt me like this. Don't we both have the same mothers heart, the same values, why instead of sending a hurtful email can't you say "Im sorry I was wrong, how can I fix this for you". Also as someone who worked in the cooperate world for a very long time before I became a mother, it was instilled in my brain to always go above and beyond for someone who is paying you for something. The service you are providing represents you and the company you are working for. Meaning if you are charging people for blog sponsorship and not fulfilling what you say you will do for the persons blog, your actions reflects poorly on you and your character as the author behind the blog. This can also be said for Etsy stores. As a shop owner I try to go above and beyond with my clients and if they have a complaint I try my hardest to make it right, no arguments with them, no back pushing, I make it right. My response to a complaint, critique or comment reflects my values and how I run my store.

Also give credit where credit is due. Im not going to mention this bloggers name here because I am not going to publicly bash her. She knows who she is and what she has done and I will let her conscious deal with that. But I will give credit to the wonderful bloggers I have partnered up with in the past. I will say where I found the idea that Im getting for my post from if it wasn't originally my own. People put hard work, money, time and energy into the blogs or products they create. Value that, honor that and give them credit and please do not steal ideas and claim them as your own. People will eventually find out and that person who inspired you to copy their idea won't like you because you didn't give them credit for it.

I wanted to end this on a happier note. This is a list of the blogs I have sponsored over the past year that I love working with. These blogs have treated me very good, have given my shop and blog allot of traffic and have integrity. Honestly I will probably use them again.

Sara Stoff
Sometimes Sweet
our little almanac
Modern Kiddo
The Anderson Crew
little chief honeybee
Skunkboy Blog
Milk Friendly 
She Breaths Deeply 
a little King and I
The Papermama
Harpers Happenings
Pussycat Vintage

If your looking to promote your shop or blog I would suggest you contact one of the blogs above, I have nothing but good things to say about them. 

blog with integrity
do what is right
dont hurt hearts

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  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you! You are too sweet. I'm glad I made the "ok" list :) And glad you are safe and have power back! We just got it this morning.

    1. Your one of my sweetest blogger mama friends! I thought of you today, I took Judah to Jammin Java to see the great zucchini, we ended up getting there really late bc traffic was bad with all the downed trees along the way. Im going to email you for a play date :-) Im happy your power was back up!!

  2. I hate to see when people aren't honest and don't do right by other people. I hope everything is cleared up and you feel better!

    1. Thanks mary, I feel better knowing that I know the truth about this person. Also that I am able to share the wonderful bloggers that I worked with in the past

  3. Sorry that happened to you... I hope it is made right! Nothing worse than a hurt heart!

  4. I'm so sorry someone treated you badly. I am SO impressed you're taking the classy route and not publishing her name or blog or heck her whole email address so everyone can tell her she sucks. And thank you for including me as someone who you liked working with - I'm happy to have you as a sponsor ANY time you want!

    1. I LOVE working with you!!! Your the best :-) also your pretty darn awesome in real life as well ;-)

  5. Sorry that happened to you. How you handled it shows a lot about you. I am new to the blogging world and have recently started sponsoring some of my favorite blogs. Thank you for the warning about this.

    1. The ladies above are fantastic at sponsorship :-)

  6. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Hurt feelings from someone you trust are just the worst! I'm new to the blogging world so I don't really know anything about sponsorships, but I'm glad you have a list of those you can count on!


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