Sunday, June 10, 2012

San Francisco Day 1

Yesterday was our first full official day in my beloved city. We started the morning right with a big breakfast at the hotel. Judah and Scott ate everything in sight, I had to limit myself to fruit and some potatoes since everything has dairy in it. Judah looks like an exhausted old man in this photo. He is having a hard time adjusting to the time change.

We headed downtown to walk around my all time favorite farmers market. I love feeling the ocean breeze right off the bay mingled with all the wonderful sweet and savory smells from the market. I could have walked around all day long and was tempted to purchase some flowers or fresh lavender for our hotel room.

We stopped by a park across the street from the farmers market so Judah could run around. 

He wanted to run into the people trying to do Yoga. He would race over and scream "HIII!!!!" then I would try to redirect his run. He would just squirm away and run back. 

We did some Haight street walking and shopping. I found an adorable vintage bow tie for Judah and a vintage dress at goodwill. Judah kept saying "ma ma, ma ma" while we were thrifting so I put him in the sling and he was happy as a clam waving "hi!" to everyone on the street.

We took a scenic route towards the Sea Lions. I love looking at the homes and dreaming of a day that we could actually move here. Scott is completely against moving to San Francisco and I'm a California girl at heart.  

Judah wasn't super impressed by the Sea Lions.

He loved watching the boats more. They would honk their horns at him and he would point and scream back.

We finished our day by grabbing some fresh fruit before we headed back to the hotel. 

By the looks of Judahs sleepy crazy eye we wore him out!

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  1. I love that first photo, he does NOT look sold on those waffles! hahah

  2. His outfit is beyond adorable!! I love his little hat and bow tie. OMG cuteness!!

  3. What a cute little boy !! Great pics

    XX Sharmayne

  4. looks like you are having a good trip! love the bowtie!!

  5. your son judah is super gorgeous!!
    where do you get all his bowties?
    im looking for a matching father/son one for my sons 3rd birthday-theme is little man..
    and maybe a matching bow for my daughter :)
    can't resist ,
    beautiful family you are.


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