Thursday, June 14, 2012

loose panties

A friend of mine today asked me how I am doing with my weight loss. In the past two months I've been coffee and soda free (no diet coke). I also had to stop eating all things that contained dairy. One of my main concerns about traveling to the West coast was my dairy free diet, I wondered how can I keep it up when we have to go out to eat for every single meal. Well folks I am here to say I've been able to be dairy, coffee and soda free this entire trip and my panties are loose! Each day Judah and I walk or run around 8-10 miles. We do a nice long 5-6 mile walk in the morning with a 4+ mile walk/run in the afternoon. 

We always walk to Barnes and Nobles, this place is 1.5 miles away from our hotel. 

We then walk the Bay Trail. This is a gorgeous trail that wraps around our area. It also has a police station on the trail and plenty of people walking or running when we are out. 

After this trip I may have to go pantie shopping. I told my husband that I've lost 3" off my but in the past week. 

Here is an average morning. We take our time and have plenty of stops at Barnes and Nobles, the kids section of IKEA, the park and the rocks near the shore to let Judah get his wiggles out. 

The great thing about our morning walks is Judah will fall asleep in the Bob and will stay asleep when I put him into the pack and play in the hotel. 

For lunch I will stop by Trader Joes on our walk to pick up some dairy free items. Yesterday I had a veggie tray and coconut water. I also bought another Nike sensor for my shoe because my last one died on me this week.  If you want a great way to track your walk/runs then I would suggest you get this sensor. I've tried all the work out apps on my phone and the Nike app is by far my favorite. It tracks your walk/runs more accurately then Endomondo. 

Today I picked up some grapes and cherries. 

Since we are at a hotel that doesn't have a scale I don't know my exact weight. I know I've lost quite a bit on this trip since my panties don't fit me any more and most of my clothing is loose. I can't wait to step on that scale when I get home!

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  1. That's always awesome. Congrats! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow youre doing so great! Im so envious of your determination and ability to go go go - your walks/runs on vacation have been so inspiring! and butt shrinking yay! I need you to be my fitness coach!

  3. Wow. That seriously is amazing. Trips are always the worst for. I always lose weight up until the trip just so the weight I gain during doesn't push me over! Haha. Great job girl. Inspiring!

    1. Congratulations on the weight loss!
      Your sunglasses are adorable! :)


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