Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hotel living

Hotel living is rough with an active toddler. When I'm home I have a billion plan B activities to do when my plan A option doesn't work out. At a hotel I'm limited to what I can do with Judah. Its ten times harder to keep him active, happy and eating healthy. Here is what a typical day living in a hotel looks like for us. When Judah wakes up I take him downstairs to get breakfast. Thank goodness the hotel has an amazing breakfast buffet bar with lots of great healthy food options.

Then I will take him upstairs, pick up the room a bit and head out on our first walk for the day. This gives us a chance to get some fresh air while the cleaning people clean our room. I love having my bed made each day and a fresh vacuumed room, especially since Judah drops his snacks everywhere.

The first stop on our walk is the post office. I've been collecting some local flowers on our walks to mail out to some of my pen pals. I also send out a few post cards that I wrote during Judahs nap.

Then we head over to Barnes and Nobles so Judah can play on the free trains. He always always has a meltdown when we leave. But allowing him to get some energy out and play with the trains is worth it. Especially since we don't have that many toys in the hotel for him to play with.

Then we head back to the hotel. I'll stop by Trader Joe's for some snacks and Starbucks for a green iced tea. I'll take the long route back to the hotel and since we have been walking for two hours Judah will normally fall asleep in the Bob.

The views near our hotel are so pretty.

Once we are back at the hotel Judah will sleep for a few more hours in the pack and play. Once he gets up I'll let him watch some Yo Gabba Gabba on the laptop then I will take him outside for a lunch picnic.

Then we will head out for another walk/run.

Judah is already getting a farmers tan from all our outdoor walking/running. 

After our second walk/run I like to take Judah to the mini pool outside of our hotel so we can dip our feet in it while we wait for Scott. 

Once Scott comes back we are on the search for a dairy free dinner. We recently found out that PF Changs has great dairy free options! 

Then we head back to the hotel. Scott and Judah spend some daddy/son time together before Judah goes to bed. 

Then we start it all over again the next day. Sometime this week I may take the shuttle bus to the BART and head into the city to meet up with Scott. Or he may just pick us up at the hotel during his lunch break so we can spend the afternoon walking around while Scott finishes up the conference. 

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  1. I really, really love this post - especially the pictures :) It sounds like you are having a great time!

  2. It sounds like you are doing well at keeping him busy! What a fun adventure you are on!

  3. You're such an awesome mama. Adam used to have conferences and seminars all the time, and I reverberate how hard it was to keep Henry happy. You are seriously the best mom, Jess.

  4. Oh these are such sweet pictures! I can see where it would be hard but you seem to be doing a great job finding other activities to do to keep him busy!
    I love PF Chang's! We eat gluten free and my husband is also dairy free so they are one of our favorites.

  5. I love all of these photos! such a great trip! AND we got your postcard! lovelovelove

  6. very cute pictures of your little Judah (I love his name! That's my son's name too) Both my boys love playing with the train table at the bookstore too. Way to go finding ways to keep him entertained while living in a hotel room!


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