Saturday, June 9, 2012

flying with Judah

Flying with a toddler is no joke. I overly prepared and brought tons of dollar store toys, three DVD's (yo gabba, veggie tales and Dr Suess), coloring books, flash cards and downloaded a few iPhone apps. His favorite by far is fruit Ninja. We barely made it to the gate and had ten minutes to buy bottle water, change Judah and board. The security at Dulles is 10x harder to go through since they have added the x-ray machines and you drop your luggage off at another location after you get your ticket. Needless to say we didn't have time to sit around and stress about how Judah was going to act on the plane. Once we got to the gate Judah was really excited to see all the airplanes.

The first half hour on the plane wasn't pleasant. Judah was cranky from being woken up so early to leave the house and was to distracted by the very loud people talking around us to go to sleep. One of the passengers next to us was offered a seat up front and we had an entire row to ourselves. 

Thank goodness we brought Judah's beloved pillow, once we had an entire row to ourselves he fell right to sleep and slept almost three hours. 

When Judah woke up we had an hour and a half left on the flight. We kept him occupied by playing Yo Gabba videos, flashcards, snacks and he would sit on my lap to look out the window. When he would get bored we let him run the aisles and I let him jump on his seat once or twice. I figured the guys talking behind us were so loud they probably wouldn't mind a smiling face bouncing in front of them. After the plane landed we were given compliments on how well behaved Judah was and one woman sitting near us said she didn't even realize that another toddler was on the plane, the one sitting behind her was screaming most of the flight. Thank goodness I over prepared with snacks and games.

Judah was great at the car rental place. They had some sort of computer crash so everyone was waiting in line for awhile to get their car. It took us almost an hour to get out of the place, but Judah was distracted by handing out free bottles of water to everyone who walked into the door. 

The car rental place gave us a forward facing seat for Judah. I made sure he was strapped in good since I don't want him forward facing till he is at least 40 pounds or more. I know plenty of people would have brought their own car seat, but the forward facing ones we have at home are entirely to big for us to bring and it doesn't fit onto our Bob Jogging stroller.  Maybe we could have figured out how to carry all our bags, stroller, baby and the huge car seat but that was just to much. Last year when he was smaller we were able to bring his infant carseat. I am not going to feel guilty for having my son forward face for a week, plus Judah and I will be walking around San Francisco for most of the week while Scott attends the WWDC conference. 

Our first meal in San Francisco!

For anyone who has a dairy allergy like me you can get the Animal Style burger but ask them not to put in the sauce. 

Afterwards we checked into the hotel, ran some errands and tried to stay up as long as possible. We all ended up crashing at 5 pm california time and slept till 5 am. 

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  1. glad the trip went well!
    have a great time. :)


  2. Yay!! Glad flying went so well. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!


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