Thursday, June 21, 2012

dancing and dressing up

This morning I was trying to get a picture with Judah who just couldn't keep his finger out of his nose. He was just doing this because I would laugh till I had tears in my eyes. 

We started our morning with dancing. I am in LOVE with this one particular vintage children's record I thrifted this week for 50 cents at the local library. 

I still have an entire stack of vintage children's records to listen to but we didn't want to stop playing this one record. We played the record all day long and were still not bored of it! Judah actually loves to wiggle and dance around the dining room.

 I pushed our dining room table up against the windows so he has a bigger space to run, dance and wiggle around. After a few hours he stopped for a juice break, he insisted that his chair was next to the record player. 

I set up his IKEA train tracks up on the coffee table. He had fun running back and forth dancing, then playing with trains.

When Scott came home I put on my vintage dress I thrifted on Haight Street when we were in San Francisco last week. I absolutely love this dress! Its so colorful, light and airy. Plus since the dress had a tiny tear that I was able to sew up the lady at Goodwill sold it to me for only $5.50!

After walking around Home Depot and Merrified Gardens we decided to head over to Fairfax Center. The fountains were on and they had a live band playing. Since it was so hot outside they gave everyone free hand fans. 

I loved being able to dance around with my sweet son. Its moments like these where my heart is so full and I know that I'll treasure this moment always. 

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  1. Hey there! I'm visiting from Embrace the Camera and enjoyed your post! What a great idea to use an old child's record player and vintage records! I totally am going to look for one of those. I loved mine when I was a kid! Also, I noticed all your mentions about places in NoVa! I lived there for many years, and I totally miss Merrifield Gardens! :) What a great place to go... year-round!

  2. Your dress is beautiful! What a great find. :)

  3. I love toddler dance parties! My little one would dance all day long if she could!!! love the vintage record player!!! beautiful family :)

  4. LOVE your dress! and love the pics! such a fun time :)

  5. Fun day!! Love the dress, what a find :)

  6. This is so sweet! Keep that dancing going lady! Logan and I have been having dance parties just the two of us for years and at 11 he still loves it. It so much fun and absolutely a time you will treasure forever!! :)

  7. So cute and I love that dress! My heart aches for S.F, we went there for our honeymoon and it was just amazing, a long way from home though! xxx

  8. Jess,
    I love your blog. Thanks for linking with Wednesdays Adorned from Blog Hop.

  9. I love old records and record players! At least one more child is learning what records are! My 10 month old is just starting to wiggle to music, I can't wait to have dance parties with him.

  10. love the dress. soo cute.. and sooo me!! can i have it? hee hee
    i totally dig that vintage look you have going on in your house. love it!!


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