Saturday, June 30, 2012

being homeless

Oh how things can change in just a few hours. Yesterday we hosted game night at our home with some of our good friends. I made some pulled pork in the crockpot and had an entire table full of goodies for our guests. We played a game of settlers of catan and enjoyed each others company. Judah was being a ham for everyone. 

My dear sweet friend Jenny stopped by. I've been friends with this sweet girl for over ten years. She has seen me at my best and my worst, she has sen my tears and my smiles, she celebrates my victories and mourns my loss. This is a true friend. I know Judah could tell by the joy Jenny and I both had in our faces and by how comfortable we are around each other. 

Not even 30 minutes after everyone left to go home for the night we heard a loud howl outside and a loud crash. Scott opened the front door and it looked like a hurricane. We checked the news and they were telling everyone to take cover. We grabbed some supplies and ran to the basement. The thunder and wind were so loud that we actually hid in the bathroom and made a bed for Judah in the tub. I was scared. 

Judah ended up falling asleep in the tub. Our electricity went out and we ended up bringing him into the basement guest room with us. I barely slept and kept getting up to make sure the electricity was off. The house was starting to get warm. 

Since I never slept last night I ran out around 6:30 am to check on the damage and get some Starbucks for both Scott and myself. Trees were everywhere. Covering the roads, on top of cars, on houses. I've never seen the roads look this bad and I am from Florida. 

We ended up hanging out with Scotts parents all day at their home, they live a mile down the street from us and by the grace of God they still had electricity. Which is a good thing because our home reached 81 degrees and Judahs poor little body was warm. Scott and I went back to the home at least 4 times today to see if the electricity is back on but its not. Looks like we are doing a sleep over. 

So here we are, temporarily homeless, but Scotts parents sure do make us feel like we are home here. Hopefully our electricity comes back on tomorrow. We already know that we are going to have to throw out everything in our refrigerator. 

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  1. I am in Fredericksburg and it was BAD here too! That storm was no joke! My husband work for the electric company and they are saying it will be several days before it is all back on. Glad you guys have a cool place to stay!

  2. So sorry to read about your loss. glad you all made it out alive. Very scary.
    I am in Colorado springs breathing smoke and ashes. We are OK. I can't complain because we feel roasted. I just wrote a Cheer blog for the things I have.
    Please keep us informed how you are progressing.

  3. Oh, wow! Hope they get power restored quickly! We bought a generator year before last and have only had to use it for short periods of time over the last couple of years. But it's nice to know it's there if we need it!!!! We're in East Texas... and honey, when our power goes out this time of year! It heats up FAST!!!

  4. We live really close to my parents and I love that we can help each other when things like that happen. Well, maybe they help us a bit more...but we try :)

  5. I hope you power gets restore fast! That's the worst! Atleast Judah looks like her can sleep anywhere. I'm glad no one was hurts and you had a cool place to go.

  6. Oh no - that's terrible! Luckily you have a nice place to stay, just down the road. Fingers crossed that your electricity comes back on soon!

  7. I hope you get your powered restores asap! It's cool that you had a place to go though :)

    xo, samantha

  8. Oh no! I am so sorry! Prayers and thoughts to you. I hope it all turns out okay.


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