Saturday, June 30, 2012

being homeless

Oh how things can change in just a few hours. Yesterday we hosted game night at our home with some of our good friends. I made some pulled pork in the crockpot and had an entire table full of goodies for our guests. We played a game of settlers of catan and enjoyed each others company. Judah was being a ham for everyone. 

My dear sweet friend Jenny stopped by. I've been friends with this sweet girl for over ten years. She has seen me at my best and my worst, she has sen my tears and my smiles, she celebrates my victories and mourns my loss. This is a true friend. I know Judah could tell by the joy Jenny and I both had in our faces and by how comfortable we are around each other. 

Not even 30 minutes after everyone left to go home for the night we heard a loud howl outside and a loud crash. Scott opened the front door and it looked like a hurricane. We checked the news and they were telling everyone to take cover. We grabbed some supplies and ran to the basement. The thunder and wind were so loud that we actually hid in the bathroom and made a bed for Judah in the tub. I was scared. 

Judah ended up falling asleep in the tub. Our electricity went out and we ended up bringing him into the basement guest room with us. I barely slept and kept getting up to make sure the electricity was off. The house was starting to get warm. 

Since I never slept last night I ran out around 6:30 am to check on the damage and get some Starbucks for both Scott and myself. Trees were everywhere. Covering the roads, on top of cars, on houses. I've never seen the roads look this bad and I am from Florida. 

We ended up hanging out with Scotts parents all day at their home, they live a mile down the street from us and by the grace of God they still had electricity. Which is a good thing because our home reached 81 degrees and Judahs poor little body was warm. Scott and I went back to the home at least 4 times today to see if the electricity is back on but its not. Looks like we are doing a sleep over. 

So here we are, temporarily homeless, but Scotts parents sure do make us feel like we are home here. Hopefully our electricity comes back on tomorrow. We already know that we are going to have to throw out everything in our refrigerator. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

match made in heaven?

Today I was able to meet a mama blogger friend of mine Suzanne and her sweet little family. I promise you, we didn't plan for Judah and Caroline to match. I think this is a match made in heaven. Look at how sweet they are to each other. 

I love how Judah was trying to hold Caroline's hand. 

We had so much fun hanging out at the park and letting the kids run around after Scott. Go visit Suzannes blog and say hello! You'll fall in love with her and her sweet family. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Since we flew home from being in San Francisco for a week I find myself being more anxious than usual. I thought this wall of anxiety would have left by now and that we would be well into our routine at home. But for some reason I can't shake the feeling that we are going on yet another trip and leaving home again. My heart just yearns to be home for awhile and make the most of these sweet sumer days with Scott and Judah. I'm wanting to be in a routine so badly that I see myself pushing to see whats around the corner and forgetting to really enjoy the moment that Im living in. I realized this last night when Judah woke up the for the fourth time crying. We asked him if it was his teeth and he kept pointing to his legs. I know he is in the middle of a growth spurt and he just wanted to be held by his mommy. It was well after midnight so I picked up my sweet boy and carried him around our room, singing him songs and trying to sooth his aching heart and hopefully his growing bones. He finally fell asleep in our bed and cuddled up next to me. In that moment I realized when I am able to sooth my sweet boy back to sleep after crying, I feel like super mom. I didn't have to plan anything, I didn't have to think about it, the instinct to hold my sweet boy and sooth his little heart came natural. My anxiety started to lift and I started to see that I need to be living in the moment, not looking around the corner.

Judah woke up in the best mood today, we spent the first half of the morning just making silly faces to each other and laughing. 

I feel like today God knew my anxious heart was on overdrive with trying to plan "fun things" for Judah and that I needed a break. When we walked downstairs Scott told me that his truck didn't start, so I let him take my car to work.  That meant Judah and I were homebound instead of running errands, driving to the park or the library. We ended up hanging out at the house, played with the water table in the backyard, read books, made more funny faces and played cars on the living room floor. After Judah went down for a nap I was able to take a nice long shower and use some of the Lush products Scott and Judah bought for me over the weekend. If your ever feeling anxious, get some Lush bath products. I swear it helps your body relax and you smell like flowers.

I hope in the coming days I am able to find an emotional, spiritual and physical balance to help my heart not feel as anxious. That I don't feel like I have to look around the next corner to see what I have to plan or do. That I am able to enjoy these sweet summer days with my two guys and one day be able to look back on this summer with fond memories and without any regrets.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

snippets of joy

Our weekend was wonderful. We started out by going to the local farmers market to load up on veggies, fruit and flowers! They even sold these mini cups of blueberries for the kids, Judah devoured his. 

We were so happy to finally go to our farmers market, we have been on so much travel lately that this is our first time going to the market this year. 

Afterwards we went to Merrifield Gardens because it was Paws for a Cause day. They invited everyone out who had a dog for a huge doggie party. We don't have a dog (yet) but we knew Judah would freak out by seeing so many dogs in one place. As soon as we let him out of the car he ran up to the dogs screaming and laughing. 

For two hours Judah was in dog heaven. He was able to pet and be licked by all different kinds of dogs. They had an area for pictures, BBQ, mini pools and adoptions. I held this one puppy, it was the ugliest dog I've ever seen but as soon as he licked my nose I started crying. Scott knew he had to get me out of there or we would end up dog owners. 

We couldn't leave before we explored the garden center and picked up a free bag of popcorn.

Once we arrived home I washed a bunch of the veggies and threw them in the crock pot with a pot roast for a few hours. 

Dinner was amazing. 

We stopped by a local good will that I've never been to and found a bunch of really great records. 

Ended our night with some really yummy dairy free ice-cream. If you haven't tried this ice-cream I would suggest you go out now to pick some up. It will change your life. 

We wore out our little guy. 

Also I've added a few more bows to my shop!

If you haven't heard I am accepting custom orders with out charging the custom order fee for hats or bows for the rest of the month of June. 

Children's Hats (0-teen) = $12 
Adult Hats = $15
2 bows = $5
4 bows = $10
feel free to email me if you want to request a custom item
jessica.a.west (at) 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

dancing and dressing up

This morning I was trying to get a picture with Judah who just couldn't keep his finger out of his nose. He was just doing this because I would laugh till I had tears in my eyes. 

We started our morning with dancing. I am in LOVE with this one particular vintage children's record I thrifted this week for 50 cents at the local library. 

I still have an entire stack of vintage children's records to listen to but we didn't want to stop playing this one record. We played the record all day long and were still not bored of it! Judah actually loves to wiggle and dance around the dining room.

 I pushed our dining room table up against the windows so he has a bigger space to run, dance and wiggle around. After a few hours he stopped for a juice break, he insisted that his chair was next to the record player. 

I set up his IKEA train tracks up on the coffee table. He had fun running back and forth dancing, then playing with trains.

When Scott came home I put on my vintage dress I thrifted on Haight Street when we were in San Francisco last week. I absolutely love this dress! Its so colorful, light and airy. Plus since the dress had a tiny tear that I was able to sew up the lady at Goodwill sold it to me for only $5.50!

After walking around Home Depot and Merrified Gardens we decided to head over to Fairfax Center. The fountains were on and they had a live band playing. Since it was so hot outside they gave everyone free hand fans. 

I loved being able to dance around with my sweet son. Its moments like these where my heart is so full and I know that I'll treasure this moment always. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We are trying to get back to a routine and this is what one of our "normal" days looks like. 
This morning I took Judah to the library and let him pick out some books. I ended up finding some really cute vintage children's records and am planning on hosting a toddler dance party at our home soon. 

This is only half of the records I brought home from the library sale. 

It was really hot outside, in the 90's so instead of taking Judah on a run I filled up the water table in our backyard and let him play for awhile. He tried to eat some dirt. 

He is starting to figure out the water table. Normally he just dumps buckets of water on himself. Does anyone else have a water table? Have you noticed the toys get kind of slimy? I feel like I am constantly cleaning off Judah's toys outside. 

We went inside and Judah went down for a nap. I picked up the house, crochet and started dinner. Scott came home and we took Judah to the pool for an hour. Scott was teaching Judah how to surf and we took him to the "big pool" and let him play water basketball. Judah now says "basketball".

Then Scott let me go on a solo 3 mile run around the neighborhood. It was still 90+ degrees outside, but it felt good blasting my music and running by myself. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher, not sure what our plans our but we are going to try to stay inside as much as possible. 

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