Thursday, May 3, 2012

working it out

Today is day four of doing the 30 day shred combined with walk/running at least 3 - 3.5 miles a day.  To make sure I am committed to doing the shred I am trying to wake up before Judah to do it. Sometimes this works out but other days I have to make adjustments. If he wakes up before I start or complete the shred I let him eat breakfast and watch me till the cool down part of the video. Then I'll take him down and he likes to play with my hair after the cool down. 

I think he is pretty proud of his mama for working so hard. 

 I took my weight measurements two weeks ago, I was pretty discouraged by the numbers and that's why I didn't post them up. Today on a whim after working out I decided to double check the numbers. I didn't think I would have made that much progress in four days, but I've been working out hard and trying to eat right. I haven't had coffee or soda in 12 days (yes I'm counting). After the first week of thinking I am going to die from my migraines from not having coffee, I've stopped having the migraines and I don't crave the coffee any more, that may change on our San Francisco trip. 

Two weeks ago I measured out
Arms : 13.5
Belly: 42
But: 45
Legs: 27

Today I measured out:
Arms: 13
Belly: 40
But: 44
Legs: 25.5

I think that's pretty good so far and I am going to celebrate this tiny victory!  I've decided that I'm going to see if Jillian Michael's is right with her claim to lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days and do her work out every day. I am even planning on taking her DVDs and my weights with us to the beach. I was pretty sore at first but by day four the workout has gotten better.

I am truly happy in this picture, this morning just started off a bit rough and I was tempted to skip my work out. Scott's truck didn't start (it started), Judah was flipping out because he hates seeing his daddy leave for work, one of my glasses broke in the dishwasher and....

When Scott finally left I started to get ready to do the workout while Judah ate breakfast. I was holding Judah and we walked into the dining room, I leaned up to to turn off the light on our fan and the light fixture fell off! Thank goodness it was held up by a few wires because that would have really hurt if it fell on our heads. I almost skipped the workout because of this and I just started my period yesterday so I just didn't want to deal with it. But I decided I'm at least going to make an effort to do the video and now that I finished day four I'm so happy I pushed on through. 

Judah even joined in on the workout fun.

Every day its not going to be a perfect day to work out, daily life stresses will try to thwart your work out goals and you will think of a billion really good excuses to just wait till tomorrow. But each day I need to at least make that effort to do something, even if its doing the shred and  taking a handful of breaks during the DVD because my arms feel like they are going to fall off. Or going on my walks and taking my time because of cramps. Its daily making these tiny efforts over and over again that will change my life. If I can do it, then you can do it.
 We can all do this together and change our lives for good. 

Now I am off to take Judah on a long walk.

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  1. Woot!! You can do it!! I was going to suggest a before/after pic. It sure motivated me on day 26 when I felt like there had been no change. Also avoiding the scale and taking measurements is a great motivator too. I try to workout when shitpants naps at 9 so I only have one kid running amok, but things sometimes go sideways, I'm on day 89, it's just as hard as day 2 but keep at it. You'll be so glad you did!!! So stokes for you!!

  2. Woohoo!! Way to go and keep on keeping on! You are inspirational. Maybe I will have enough inspiration to get up and get moving today!

  3. Abdominal exercise machines happen to be proven to produce amazing ends up with fat loss and body toning. They're many reasons why people would rather workout on some sort of elliptical trainer over they would on the treadmill.

  4. Love 30-day shred. I'd be doing it if we didn't live on the second floor of an apartment building. It's part of how I lost a bunch of weight for my wedding a couple years ago, and I love having my butt kicked by Jillian. Way to go, you!

  5. I think I have those same weights! And I'm so proud of you for what you've accomplished. This is NEVER easy, it takes motivation and drive which you clearly have! Good luck friend! <3

  6. You look great girl! I can see a real difference, keep it and because I read about it here I am going to start 30 Shred here in the next day or two!

  7. Oh my goodness, gracious, land sakes alive!!!!!!!!! (what my mom always says) that light fixture situation is FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad nobody got hurt! I have definately had mornings like that - and have to just take a deep breath, PRAY for patience and try to turn things around :)
    So proud of you and your working out!!!!!! :)
    Take me with you to the beach!!!
    Lots of love,

  8. It sounds like you're doing great, and you definitely look great!

  9. You are so inspiring, sweetie. As soon as my toesies heal from a little surgery thing I had last week, I'm going to start the 30 day shred, too. :)

  10. Wow, way to go! I love seeing how others make working out work with littles. The picture of him playing with your hair, precious!

  11. Hooray! That's awesome: good work! I've been trying to exercise, but nothing very structured like the 30 day shred program. I never know what kind of day I'll have- this week my precocious 2 year old has been awake at 4:30am every day!

  12. YOU GO GIRL!! People like you inspire me! Really.

    .....getting off my tush now.....

  13. Your little man is too cute! Keep pushing girl, you're doing great!


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