Sunday, May 6, 2012

we are here!

After going back and forth on whether we should drive down to Myrtle or skip the trip because Judah has been teething pretty bad, we decided that in the long run the trip would be worth it. We would make great memories as a family together. Plus Scott told me last night that Myrtle beach is where he fell in love with me how can I not say yes to him wanting to take a family trip down here! You have to understand, my husband didn't actually tell me that he loved me till months later when we were engaged, but thats another sweet story for another day. We originally were going to get up at 6am and head out of the house no later than 7 but around 5 am I asked Scott if we could just sleep in a bit more, I was so exhausted I was literally nauseous. Judah woke us up at 9 am and we left the house at 10.

Judah slept almost the entire trip. At first he was watching the clouds out the window and would say "beep beep" if we drove by a big semi, about an hour into the trip he was fast asleep.

We stopped at Burger King in North Carolina around 1. Judah was still asleep but pretty stinky and we knew he needed a diaper change and we needed something to eat. Burger King was the best food option next to McDonalds or The Waffle House. They have great chicken nuggets and this Burger King still gave out the paper crowns. After quick lunch we let Judah run around the play area for 20 minutes and headed back out on the road. 

This time around Judah was much more verbal. He tried to talk to us and the last 30 minutes of the trip he was pretty feisty and let us know that he wanted out of his carseat. I have no idea how he managed to kick the sun shield off the window. He also managed to move his mirror with his foot so he had a better view of the back of my head to see if I was listening to him.

We finally made it! Our condo is better than we could ever hope of imagine! It has two suites so in the future we are able to bring up guests. Both suites have full kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We ended up calling Scotts parents and invited them to join us in a few days. We want to be able to share with someone this amazing place.

Our gorgeous view for the next week. We can also see a local carnival on the other side of the balcony. Judah loves looking at all the lights and people. 

We checked out the area downstairs and Judah has his very own kiddie water park! The water is only a foot deep and its a heated pool! Right next to the kiddie watermark is a lazy river and a regular pool. 

After we checked out the fitness room (which is huge) we decided to take a long walk on the beach. I wish you could hear Judah giggling at the waves! He was so feisty and kept trying to run into the crashing waves! Tomorrow when we go out to get some groceries we are going to get Judah a life vest. I don't trust Judah against the waves.

Finally winding down our long day. My sweet boy, his truck and this wonderful ocean. 

I am so happy we are on vacation. We really need this. 

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  1. Looks awesome! Hope you guys have fun!

  2. Fantastic photos. Enjoy yourselves! x

  3. What gorgeous photos! This looks like such an amazing trip, I hope you guys are having a blast :)

  4. Ahhh the beach! I've only been there once in my entire 25 years of being alive! Your pics are beautiful and makes me want to pack my family up and go NOW!


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