Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sunshine and flowers

My sweet friends, I am overwhelmed by your comments on my last post "weeping heart" and by your personal emails and text messages. You guys really know how to make a lady cry tears of joy and make my heart feel like its runneth over. Thank you for allowing me to be able to be honest about my heart and to be able to be transparent on my blog. This means the world to me, especially after growing up in a home where I wasn't able to be transparent about my heart or feelings. 

Today I realized that my sweet boy must be in the middle of a big growth spurt. I feel like he has gotten taller over night. My heart just melts over the cute little things he does. He always loves to grab my flowers in the yard and smell them before we do anything for the day. Here he is smelling my daises before we went on our run, I love his chubby little hands holding the flower gently and how he will sniff at the flower a few times before letting it go. He has such a sweet little heart. 

He wanted to bring his toothbrush with him on the run. Also not pictured is a turkey baster in the Bob that he likes to hold and sing into because it looks like a microphone. Today we ran 3 miles around the local university.  

After our run we went to the pool. The kiddy pool area was still kinda dirty from last nights storm, but that didn't stop us from hanging out for over an hour. 

Judah had so much fun jumping in and out of the pool, trying to swing the noodle around, grabbing dinosaurs and screaming RAWR and chasing the ball. Its days like these that I am so grateful that I am able to be a stay at home mom. I want Judah to always remember the great summer days we will have. 

After our pool time I came home to a package from my good friend Deb. She sent me one of Wolf's outfits for Judah. I screamed because it so cute! I can't wait for Judah to wear this tomorrow when we go to the farmers market with some friends. 

Then once Judah fell asleep for his nap I logged onto IG and saw my sweet friend Emily painted a portrait of Judah with cute fox ears! I am so in love with this painting! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop, not only is she an amazing seamstress who sews the most darling little things for your hair but she will be posting these paintings in her shop. 

Im off to bed, we have a few busy days ahead of us, including meeting up an IG mama tomorrow and taking our kiddos to a local farmers market! Sunshine, friendship, fresh fruit/veggies, flowers and kiddos laughing. It will be a great day.

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  1. Love that photo of him sniffing the flower! Too precious :)

  2. We really ARE insanely similar, lady! Emily is one of my dearest internet friends (I'm secretly hoping her Poppy marries my Evan - they're almost exactly the same age) and I had no idea you knew her! That picture is fantastic!

  3. All kids are adorable and I love to being a kid while playing with them. Flower making activities are always appreciable which reuse the crushed flowers and bouquets.

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