Saturday, May 5, 2012

still here!

I'm still here! I haven't had a chance to respond to every one's wonderful comments in the past few days because we have been trying to get ready for our beach vacation! We leave for Myrtle Beach tomorrow in a few hours! Judah has been having allot of scream attacks in the past few days. I know the poor boy is still teething and they just really hurt him. I've tried the usual methods to help his pain but I think this week while we are at the beach we may look for an Amber Teething necklace. My friend Sam recently got one for her son Q and said it has made a tremendous difference in Q's teething pain. Its something worth looking into, especially since Judah is sometimes inconsolable and an Amber necklace is better than allowing him to chew on his crib. Well I'm off to bed since we leave in a few hours. Hopefully the next time you'll hear from me I will be blogging by the ocean.  If you think of us tomorrow pray that Judah has a great car trip and that his teeth don't hurt him at all! 


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