Thursday, May 10, 2012

singing with the King

I'm soaking in all the uninterrupted family time here at Myrtle Beach. Each night we go on a long walk near our condo. Its 2.5 miles up to the boardwalk area with the Ferris Wheel. Judah lounges out in the Bob while Scott and I talk about our future and comment on things around us. We like to stop at the beach towards the Ferris Wheel so Judah can show us how fast he can spin in circles, run into the ocean, pick up rocks shells and fistfuls of sand. 

Two days ago we stopped by the arcade and took our yearly family photo booth picture. Since Scott and I have been dating we take a picture in the photo booth at the beach. We even took one last year at Virginia Beach with Judah a few months after he was born. I love the first picture, its typical Judah throwing a fit because he wanted to play in the arcade outside the booth.

We let Judah walk back with us towards the condo and I saw Elvis singing to an audience nearby. Judah walked on over and tried to dance with him. 

Elvis notice Judah dancing with him and decided to dedicate his next song to him.

He sang along with Elvis, would stop and look at the audience and do a little dance and clap his hands and sing YAY!!! 

Elvis did give the mic to Judah at the end and Judah said "hiiiiii" in a sing song voice. The audience went wild  and started clapping and shouting for Judah. He looked around with a big grin and started clapping and saying yay back to everyone. 

Here is a tiny video of Judah singing with Elvis. I wasn't able to capture anything more because someone moved our stroller which had my wallet in it. I had to stop video taping and go get the stroller. 

I was so proud of my singing son. I know this sounds silly, well maybe mothers will understand, but I had tears in my eyes while Judah was singing with Elvis on the boardwalk. I was so proud that he is so outgoing enough to stand up in front of people to sing. 

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  1. aww thats wonderful! I love that he sang with elvis! Glad you guys are having a good time

  2. i wish i was at the beach. he is too cute!

    1. I hope you get to the beach soon! Its so refreshing for the soul :-)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you! It means "this time I will praise the Lord" :-)

  4. That is awesome. Your little guy has a great personality!

    1. he really does :-) I love that he is now of the age where its coming out more ;-)


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