Monday, May 21, 2012

rainy day tunes

Today started as a rainy thrift date with my sweet boy. He wore his vintage hat we recently scored at a local yard sale, thrifted jeans, thrifted vest and boots. The shirt was a gift from a sweet IG mama. 

We returned home with two bagful of goodies, including some records! Judah and I danced to Footloose and Lionel Richie. Then it was nap time and I was able to journal, enjoy my lunch and listen to some Doris Day.

If your searching for some new tunes to fit you mood, rainy day, cleaning mood, road trip ect. Check out its a pretty neat website.

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  1. he is growing so fast friend! :)

    have I mentioned? I love seeing your instagram updates of all things Jess and Judah :)

  2. oh my goodness! I LOVE Lionel Richie! seriously, I want a record player so bad. I'm officially jealous.


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