Friday, May 18, 2012

mama meet up

I wasn't sure if yesterday was going to be a good day or not. Judah woke up exceptionally early which is fine because I was already wide awake and he was being super cute and cuddly. But while I was getting both of us ready for the day Judah ran up to me and handed me one of Scott's needle heads (for his insulin). I know Scott keeps these pretty well hidden and have no idea how Judah found one. I wasn't to happy and almost texted Scott a picture of what Judah found. But I thought, what good will come out of that, it will just make Scott worried and possibly ruin his day. So instead I dressed Judah and walked him down to see our new friend outside of Starbucks. I had a cup of tea, Judah had his water in his Starbucks cup and we listened to our friend play songs about Old McDonald, the Goat Bill Grogan and other songs he made up about a boy named Judah and his lion. We had a nice breeze, great laughs and the morning troubles were quickly lifted from our hearts.

We then walked the beach and splashed our feet in the ocean, tried to find shells and sat down on the beach sand. When we walked back towards the hotel we were able to see Carbon Leaf set up for their free concert. 

We then watched horses walk along the beach.

Judah was exhausted after the mornings activities and finally had a 3 hour nap! After his nap we walked down to this local Children's Boutique who might be interested in selling some of my hats! She also gave me some local DC area contacts that she personally knew would definitely be interested in my product. I also found some Reef slippers and a doggie shirt for Judah all for under $5. 

Once Scott came home we made the drive to Hampton to see my IG/Blogger mama friend Sam. We were supposed to go the previous night but the rain was so bad we were worried about crossing the underwater tunnel. Scott mentioned he heard on the news that the pumps for the tunnel were not working very well during the previous storm. I can honestly say when I first saw Sam I felt like I was meeting an old friend. She has this sweet sing song voice, her pictures do not do her justice because she is gorgeous and she is really fun to be around. The wait at the restaurant was 30 minutes but we didn't mind at all, we hung outside, let our babies get to know each other, our husbands were able to talk their "nerd work talk" that I honestly don't understand sometimes while Sam and I were able to talk our mama friend talk. Before you knew it our table was ready. Besides Judah melting down because he was jealous that I was paying attention to Sam and Q the dinner was great. I grew up having pen pals because we moved so much being in the military and having my parents divorced. After we left Scott said "you met your pen pal" and that's just what it felt like. You get to know this incredible mama through twitter, texts, facebook, IG and blogs and then you meet them real life and your heart is just filled with joy because you know that this person wasn't hiding behind an Internet facade, that this person is real and this person is a friend.

We ended our night by driving home before 9pm so I can get my weekly Grey's Anatomy text on with  my mama friend Brooke.  I love that somehow we started this tradition of texting each other  commentary during the show. It makes watching Grey's a bit more exciting and believe me the season finale had us on the edge of our seats and unfortunately wanting more. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet but I am hoping that the whole show last night was one of Meredith's weird dreams. I can't believe what happened. Every year I tell myself "that's it, I can't take watching Grey's anymore, its to emotionally draining", but then they sucker me in to want to see the season premier. I think Brooke and I need to find another show to text each other about, maybe the Bachelorette? 

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  1. Hi there! You commented on my blog yesterday and I wanted to stop in and thank you and tell you how sweet your family is. I love the name Judah! I also love that you got the opportunity to meet up with a blogger friend. I'm still trying to connect with someone close enough to me. :)

    I love meeting people through blogging and I'm officially your newest follower. :) Blessings!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! I am with you I get sucked into Grey's anatomy too but I'm a season behind, because I watch it on Netflix. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, yes they do grow up to quickly. :)


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