Thursday, May 24, 2012

finding and fixing

On Saturday I went to Bubbles Salon for a bang cut. I wanted to keep my long hair for the summer, but my bangs were driving me nuts. When I walked into the salon a lady was speaking to the receptionist about a stylist who messed up her hair and she wanted a refund. I thought "maybe I should walk out" but my stylist called me back and rushed me to her chair before I could change my mind. When I first saw her I thought "I don't like her hair I hope she doesn't try to cut my hair to look like hers". But she seemed nice enough and I know stylists don't cut their own hair, so I was grateful her lady wasn't cutting mine. I explained that I wanted to keep my side swept bangs and showed her a picture of how my friend Thomas would cut my hair. She said no problem that's easy. While she was cutting my hair she dropped her scissors and comb on me several times but I kept thinking "she has to know what she is doing" and I was distracted by our conversation on our sons. When she finished it looked like the picture below. I told her "I'm confused I wanted side swept bangs, these are obviously not side swept and they are all crooked" she said she gave me what I asked for. So I got up and spoke to the manager who told me they will look better when dried out and I told her they are dry! Instead of getting upset with both of them I walked out and met up with Scott and his mother next door. I knew it was a bad bang cut when Scott was trying not to laugh at me, it was okay, I was laughing at myself, I looked like an older version of punky brewster.  I don't like thin front bangs.

I ended up asking my IG mama's what to do and two of my beautiful friends who have gorgeous hair told me how to fix my hair with out seeing another stylist. They said if I put in some gel or fiber gum on my bangs while they are wet, that I can actually mold them so they will be side swept.  I'm still not completely used to them but they look a billion times better than they did on Saturday and I am grateful for the easy fix. 

Yesterday I took Judah to Good Will for a quick pop in. I've been looking for a yarn holder and the pretty little roses on this one caught my eye. It cost me a $1.

On Monday I took Judah to Unique, we haven't been for awhile since we were on vacation and I wanted to see if I could find anything. The store is completely different! Its organized. I like the organization, but I also feel it takes away some of the fun of the "great hunt for a treasure". I did manage to find a few treasures on Monday. 

The first one is this vintage canning jar with an embroidered top. This was 49 cents. 

Then I found a shirt tales wooden box. I'm planning on taking the top off of it and putting it on Judah's room to store some of his books. This box also had a little bonus inside....a vintage fisher price little people doll! This cost me $1.

I always check out the dresses for my friends Brooke and Natalie. I found this gorgeous vintage little girl dress, it's a light blue dress with embroidery and lace. I knew this was made for Luna Love and it only cost me $2.

While we were on vacation we stopped at some yard sales and thrift stores. I was able to find 10 little golden books in mint condition. I want to say this entire set cost me maybe $4 if not less. I was surprised that some of the yard sales were practically giving away the books. 

Tomorrow Scott and I get our first real date night in over two years! We were blessed to have a handful of "mini date's" at Myrtle while his parents watched Judah for us. But before his mother left she asked us to take a "real date night" when we get back. So tomorrow we are planning on dressing up, getting some sushi and maybe even stopping by some thrift stores. Thrifting is more fun when your dressed fancy with a tummy full of sushi.

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  1. I found this via Anderson's link up. Love your pics.=)

  2. I had a bad experience with a Bubbles Salon myself...never been back! I like the fix though!

    Those thrifted/yard sale books...AH-MAZING!

  3. The fix looks great! It's so hard to find people to cut bangs right. To make matters worse, I have a cowlick on one side!!

  4. so many things to say here.....first, i haven't left a salon without crying in 10 years, so i know your pain. although big props to the mama's who gave you the hair product advice. you are rocking the side sweep. second, shirt tales takes me back. fav cartoon to watch on saturday mornings. eek.! also tells you how old i am. and last....big fan of shush date nights. we rarely get to eat it since our two young girls turn their little noses up to it. my husband and i make date night a weekly ritual. gives us time to focus on our "couple." i pray you will get more of these!!!

  5. You look FABULOUS!!! Love the side swept bangs and cracking up over the "Older version of Punky Brewster" comment... :) You look great either way sweetums! But I agree a bad cut can be a major damper!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the basket for your yarn!!!!!! Super darling!
    Happy Thursday my dear,

  6. found you from Mamdy's blog :) that shirt tales box is the best find!!! i keep my nail polish in a shirt tales lunchbox and it's like one of my fave favorite finds ever! and your hair fix looks great but i can't believe they were so horrible to you! i've fixed side bangs before by twisting them to one side and lightly running a leg razor down the twist at an angle. sounds crazy but it works and gives nice layers too! so enjoy that fancy sushi date it sounds awesome!

  7. Eek! Love your thrifting finds! Especially that canning jar. Too cute!

  8. You should come out of the hairdressers feeling like a million dollars! I hate it when they don't listen properly! It looks much better now that you've styled it yourself x

  9. everything is too die for! you founds some great finds! and your hair looks AHMazing! <3xojo

  10. I am always scared to get my hair cut, you never know what you are going to get! Great tip from your friends, they look good on the side! Yay for easy fixes :] I love the yarn holder! So cute!
    Visiting via "embrace the camera"
    Love on a Budget

  11. Love the little dress and yarn holder!

  12. OK, so I'm going to be in NoVa at the end of June and you have GOT to tell me where Unique is! Our thrift stores here are terrible - never anything as cute as that little dress!

    And I like the bangs!

  13. Great finds! And you look lovely :) Happy date night!

  14. I came across your blog via comments on Dear Baby and I couldn't help but comment on this post because... SHIRT TALES! That was one of my favorite shows of all times! I am so jealous!

  15. I so admire you! I am such a chicken when it comes to telling hairdressers I'm not satisfied. They look so lovely they way you styled them, though! Pretty mama! Have so much fun on your date!!! We just went out for the first time in awhile and got fancy and had sushi. So funny! :)

  16. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! and you find such great books! Thank you dear friend. And your hair looks awesome! Its all in the styling...I've come home so many times upset with cuts and I've had to make it into what I really wanted by styling.

  17. Oh wow. I usually go to a guy at Bubbles in Dulles Town Center... now I am afraid! You were right on with the Punky Brewster reference ~ but I LOVE the sideswept look you did ~ gorgeous! Where is Unique??


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